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  1. why downgrade and divide the community? pretty sure SAMPs coding was some ancient shit that the dev team probably doesn’t miss and there’s definitely more advanced scripting shit to work with on gta v compared to SAMP and it also looks better
  2. it’d be really cool to see useless areas like the mega mall to be removed and a whole new area to roleplay around in. tbh, the mega mall is just going to be a breeding ground for hardcore mallrats so it’s better to put a block there which will definitely contribute to the small south central area, giving more factions a place to set up at. also having east Los santos mapped and adding in whole neighbourhoods there would be great too as the ELS (el burro heights etc) area has so much potential mapping wise.
  3. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/car-seating an ability to sit in the backseat of a 2 door vehicle with actual backseats would be cool Also this car. I know it's only one car, but my main suggestion was honestly the script but having this car would be cool too since it has a realistic look and can be used as an everyday car, a more realistic car for players roleplaying characters with lower middle class backgrounds. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bravado-feroci
  4. the server shouldnt have paying 2 "win" for important features like another RAGEMP server does, an example of a paying to win feature is only being able to set a business blip if you have IRL money to pay for the ability to do so, and because setting a business blip and opening it would be vital to someones business so players actually show up, so locking it behind a paywall would be stupid. of course, money has to roll in to keep the server running so of course there are going to be some advantages donators have and i hope they dont take away from non donators, another example locking the BMX behind a donator perk, lets not do that again. i think that supercars (like lambos and shit) should be locked behind a paywall, preferably only having the ability to purchase supercars ingame if you buy the highest donator or something. its gonna be stupid if every mallrat is zooming in their supercar down every south central block a few months in i do acknowledge that i dont really know how the economy is going to be designed, but i feel like a good amount of players who grind constantly might be whipping around in these Basically, having the ability to being able to buy cars like this should be locked behind the highest donator level or something. Or if no ones a fan of OOC restrictions, ridiculously expensive. Both ways works tbh. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Super_Vehicle_Class
  5. I've seen projects like this succeed in other GTA communities and on LSRP SAMP as well. I'm genuinely curious if a university could work out on LSRPV as well.
  6. Jaywalking, by definition, is to cross or walk in the street or road UNLAWFULLY or without regard for approaching traffic. Now, you may think this means your just not paying attention, but I'd like to educate you on what being a Jaywalker really means. Me and my pals get a night on the town with one thing in mind, taking to the streets with no consideration for what consequences our actions may bring on ourselves or others. And we do that HARD. Doesn't matter time of day, make or model of the car, what we're wearing, or what the weather is like. You better know that me and my crew are ready to walk the walk and talk the talk that Jaywalkers are all too well known for when their around the block on the sidewalk ready to cross the road without any motion or communication of where they are trying to go. So next time you see me walking down the street, you better merge away from the sidewalk. You never know when I may start walking the way I always do. Jaywalking.
  7. The helicopter not being brought out for every minor thing, only being brought out for situations that are actually appropriate, like a car full of M4s that just wiped an entire block or something. I saw a helicopter on world and multiple units chase someone over knocking a few things over in a store. And if there is a helicopter camera to be added, it should be significantly less overpowered and actually require skill to utilize, with no lock on and they have to manually track the player and give callouts. https://streamable.com/z84r85 (this is just an example of the helicopter camera, has nothing to do with the situation i was talking about with the store) Example of the OP helicopter camera World has that I'd respectfully ask LSRP to avoid implementing.
  8. Definitely in agreement with this. This could open up doors to legal role play , with law firms and such.
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