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  1. I really don't get why people are so adamant about keeping Vice City, Liberty City etc when practically it makes no difference and has no benefit. To me it just sounds goofy and breaks immersion, especially if half the population is saying New York and half is saying Liberty City. If people have roleplayed their characters coming from these places then just swap them to the real life counterpart as this is what we'd be roleplaying as in game anyway. Liberty City = New York, not the Liberty City you know from the games. Why add this unnecessary step that only serves to break immersion?
  2. I agree. I didn't like how people replaced Miami with Vice City and NYC with Liberty City on GTA:W when it isn't necessary and just breaks immersion in game. There is literally no argument for roleplaying San Andreas as an island that outweighs the negatives it'll bring. So what if you can't drive north up to San Francisco because the map is an island? How does that actually affect you or your character? It's just a weird game limitation that needs to be ignored and worked around. This map looks good as a reference point.
  3. r0yal

    Damage System Preview

    This is cool, are the spray patterns learnable or random?
  4. This is by far the best idea for article based journalism although it'd be good to be able to access these articles while out of the game too. (Perhaps being able to browse the IC internet while out of the game via the website if possible) I don't think the chat system of news broadcasts should be removed but perhaps make it off by default and then able to be toggled on as there are definitely times when listening to the news has been cool and useful while I've played. I'd like the ability for live broadcasts (where you basically spectate the broadcaster) to take place again because those, while rare, were always cool to watch but there is probably a better way to handle that on GTA:V that isn't just spectating them in 3rd person.
  5. r0yal

    ATM Preview

    that mobile app is crazy, good stuff
  6. I think that some sort of agreement should be made either informally or formally to limit the amount of these entertainment businesses that can be open at once, like @owen mentioned elsewhere. If there are 100 players interested in roleplay a night out I'd rather see them spread as 50 players over 2 clubs than 10 players over 10. It builds atmosphere and keeps you hooked for longer as there's a lot more to do and more people to interact with. This was done informally back in like 2015-2016 with Casinos in their heyday via a google spreadsheet timeslot system for basically the same reason. If it could be done then I'm sure something similar can be replicated now.
  7. I think a LOT more small time events should take place day to day. This is something me and a few other admins / players experimented with on LSRP when the events team eventually dissolved and we were allowed to just do our own shit to create unique roleplay. We roleplayed things such as; money transportation, roadwork crews, and a lot of other small immersive events that made the game feel more real and offered the ability to interact with a situation you wouldn't be able to normally. I'd like to see admins given the same permission to do so here as it was both fun and well received by community members. Hopefully with the encouragement of civillian roleplay these type of things will happen more commonly on their own too.
  8. I wonder how Take Two feel about the rise in popularity and "mainstreamness" of FiveM on Twitch. Basically every big well known streamer and even celebrities have jumped on the wave at this point and it's consistently been one of the biggest categories on Twitch so it's nowhere near as lowkey and underground as SAMP was. Very interesting and well written read @Biskit
  9. A lot of really good points raised here. One of the main reasons I was so amazed when I moved to World from LSRP before was the civilian roleplay aspect. You really don't realize how lacking LSRP was in this til you leave that bubble. GTA:W's huge playerbase isn't a majority of SAMP players anymore, they've taken in people from all types of games and all types of communities, games that aren't focused primarily around the cops vs criminals basis like LSRP was. This combined with it being fresh and new means a lot more passion and the sheer amount of script support for literally any idea possible means that the civilian side of roleplay there is thriving. LSRP needs to find ways to capture this audience too. I get that one of LSRPs main pulls right now is that they're going to bring good illegal roleplay to the scene but times have changed and actual real focus on the civilian sector needs to be taken into account too for the server to do well. As Apophis mentioned GTA:W has nailed this with features such as the custom item script, roleplaying for cash in businesses and driving players to these businesses with the icon system and just the sheer amount of cool little features players can build whole businesses around such as the scuba script, the animal npcs, allowing the purchase of niche vehicles like mowers and so much more. Things like this need to be thought about too as they may not seem like high priority tasks but allowing for players to get this creative and entertain any idea they want means people are happier. The way civillian roleplay was handled on SAMP wasn't done well at all. There was no incentive or support and barely any infrastructure in place to support people until the Company idea launched. I think this from the start dissuaded people from pursuing civilian roleplay and from 2016-2017 it took a huge decline, gone were the days of big companies such as Roux and others with their multiple divisions and different sectors. You saw small groups start up but none lasted very long. The Company script was an amazing leap in the right direction to support civilian roleplay and it allowed for people to pursue these ideas with actual support. Things like that need to be built on with this platform as it just has so much possibility and allows for things you couldn't even dream of with SAMP. Players will create cool things if they're given the support to do so, for example, the golf course being ran on GTA:W as a private members only club was cool. It was immersive and it gave countless opportunities to other members; fundraisers being held, low level businessmen acting above their means and just a general place for high society to mingle. All of this was able to take place due to the infrastructure in place to support civilian roleplay in the first place. Building on what Apophis said regarding @ROZE and co, their roleplay wasn't always the best and it is undeniable that a lot of the stuff they did wasn't the highest standard but holy shit did they do more for keeping the server alive and thriving in 2019-2021 than anyone else could've dreamt of. The amount of events, functions and just general activities that were planned, organised and hosted by them with barely any support from staff is astounding. The water park event was very cool and brought the playerbase up to a peak that hadn't been seen in a while. They hosted a myriad of other events such as derbys etc too with big success rates. With a lack of server hosted events bar the Halloween or Christmas ones it was so cool to see the community come together and enjoy something again. Major props to you and I made sure to tell you from the start how cool what you were doing was. Now imagine that happening weekly; people hosting shit that makes people see it and go woah that's cool, unique, fun and a break from the monotamous roleplay that being a civilian can provide. It keeps passion flowing and keeps people interested and motivated. World, when I played, had (has?) this nailed down to a T. There was constantly things to do, events such as; triathlons, group hikes, beach parties, boat parties, camping trips, scuba lessons, jetskiing groups, pilot lessons, hunting groups and so so much more. It's early here so sorry for any mistakes and I apologize for going on a bit of a tangent but the TL:DR is that although elite illegal RP is one of LSRPs biggest pulls right now civillian RP can't be neglected as GTA V is a new age for roleplay; one where this server can't boil down to Cops vs Robbers with a little sprinkle of civillian roleplay anymore and so support for this sector will need to be greatly increased from what it was on SAMP
  10. I have a GTX 970 still and average around 50fps, if you have the budget I'd try get into the 10 series if you want a smoother experience.
  11. when was this what the fuck it'd have to be; 2015 PD SEB, the amount of cool shit we did was unbeatable Swan Lake Seeing my name on the staff update and getting my TA PM from Surreal (!!! was scary)
  12. The ability for businesses to create custom items was a gamechanger on World as it allowed for businesses to trade for tangible goods and allowed for interaction with items that spanned beyond the made up /me's. I definitely think this is something that should be implemented here as it allowed for Jewellers to sell items with actual value and make a profit, cool weird little shops selling cool weird little things and so on.
  13. I think the usage of real life news and content is cool and allows for roleplay around things we otherwise wouldn't be able to do or facilitate on such a scale. An example would be LASD's IRL corruption being emulated in-game and the subsequent FBI investigation. This was something we roleplayed around back on SAMP and it was very cool and immersive. It's really a pick and choose thing as it can get awkward to roleplay around certain things, for example a celebrity dying in L.A. You can't really roleplay the LSPD investigating this so it's something better to gloss over. Certain thing should definitely be avoided such as roleplaying around COVID etc as people play the game as an escape from things like this and it invites trollish behaviour.
  14. Very cool idea. The small news factions / groups were always the best in my opinion. Media and news factions and groups are so useful for every facet of roleplayer. I personally have used news groups to aid in missing persons operations as a detective, on an escaped prisoner manhunt, to highlight the creation of OSS for SD, to showcase more of SEB for the public and much more. The usage of news factions to promote events, businesses and detail the day-to-day happenings on the server is so important and cool and I hope some players do strive to replicate this on here.
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