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  1. I always tried to stop for these kinds of things. People doing something different, but something that would actually be prevalent in the area. Maybe with GTA V having hotdog/fruit stands throughout the map it'll happen more frequently.
  2. .taco


    At least used the one where I tried to kill Jahern and Carbon
  3. This exactly, unique factions will prosper with a good amount of love involved. I can't wait to see how far you take it
  4. I want to see the Haka done before a block wipe
  5. I've always loved these factions, can't wait to see it grow
  6. If the link further up doesn't work, try this.
  7. Being banned from spray paint because I advertised my Taco's Tacos in gang areas this
  8. Started on LS-RP in 2012/2013. Almost 10 years, jesus.
  9. .taco


    this makes me wet, can't wait to watch
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