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  1. this is where i share songs yall should get used to it
  2. thats assuming you have a pre-packaged and archive fixed dlc.rpf file for it if you got loose files you'll have to manually install them or make a package for it, out of which manually installing them is probably easier
  3. the video basically got all fucked up because of the recording software so it basically got down to 5 fps just act like you're watching a charles chaplin movie or w/e idk it helped ppl before so hopefully it helps u too
  4. this was made for another server, but i'm certain it'll apply all the same for this one. just different methods, hopefully that isn't taboo....... read the description on the second video for a few tips and if you got any questions you can post here i guess lol also this is hoping we get /blindfold lmao hopefully we do
  5. congrats on the red name my g now give me a hand how tf i disable 2fa i feel like a boomer
  6. ey red names help me get my account how tf i get my 2fa removed!!!
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