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  1. the trailer brings back some nostalgia
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  4. Lately, all sorts of discussions have been popping up on LSRP's Discord servers about the "lore" behind San Andreas. Management supposedly said that San Andreas would be an island, a different state from California, somewhat separated by waters from the United States mainland. This decision has sparked a chain of debate among community members, with some players embracing this new LSRP universe and others being more comfortable roleplaying that SA is actually Cali. I personally prefer the more common approach, where SA=CA and any reference to California is simply ignored. What do you think about it? What does the community actually prefer?
  5. Organized Crime and Gang Section (OCGS) » About Violent Gangs OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANGS Thursday, April 29, 2021 Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) are organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises. OMGs are highly structured criminal organizations whose members engage in criminal activities such as violent crime, weapons trafficking, and drug trafficking. There are more than 300 active OMGs within the United States, ranging in size from single chapters with five or six members to hundreds of chapters with thousands of members worldwide. AUSLANDERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB Founded in March of 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona, the Auslanders are now one of the most present motorcycle clubs in the southern San Andreas. The Sandy Shores charter can be seen throughout both Blaine and Los Santos County, they stand out with their black and orange colors and the one-piece rocker that features a skeleton riding a motorcycle, with a 1% on his helmet and a sun cross underneath. The history of the club dates back to the early 2000s. Founded by Oliver "Money" Reynolds and Felix "Doc" Wallace, the club's first officers, the mother charter was established in south-central Phoenix. The Auslanders have created unrest since their early days. Their appearance, with its numerous white supremacist tattoos, the patches on their vests and their lifestyle disrupted the quiet lives of the locals. In the beginning the 1% on the vest represented nothing more than freedom and the club's separation from the ideal way of life in American society. Parties were held at the clubhouse where close friends and members of other MCs would show up, because everything worked on the premise "Respect me and I will respect you". If inside the club everything was organized, and members and close friends considered themselves family, externally they began to attract more and more attention. Many patched members were former prisoners who were used to the criminal lifestyle, others were simply men who found themselves inside the MC and shared their ideologies together. What was certain was that they all acted as a whole, and when they realized that there was a need for a source of income without them interfering with the work of society, illegal business became a necessity and so such activities gradually began to grow. Auslanders were becoming more violent, and this increasingly drove them away from the community and brought them to the attention of law enforcement. The club's name translates from German to "foreigners", and they had no problem admitting their detachment from the rules of the outside world. As time went on, Auslanders made both friends and enemies with other motorcycle clubs. The decline began in the late 2010s, when chaos and enmity led to several members being arrested or leaving the club involuntarily. After the arrest of president "Money" Reynolds and the death of VP "Doc" Wallace, the Arizona charter disbanded, leaving behind several groups of nomads who left the state together. In the summer of 2021, the nomads settled in Sandy Shores. Soon they became part of the community, changing some of the principles established in the mother charter and laying low for a while. They still kept their rather chaotic lifestyle and ideologies, their white supremacist tattoos (e.g. bolts, Maltese or iron crosses, swastikas, combinations of numbers or even the club emblem) and their avoidance of close interaction with people of color being customs that have been followed since the club bylaws were firstly written. (( OUT-OF-CHARACTER )) Our faction represents a fictional motorcycle club with white supremacist ideologies and often a rather violent outlook; Faction integration will be done strictly In-Character with exceptions due to server status; Our Discord server is available to anyone, and this is the link to access it: https://discord.gg/7ccxruwCMj; For further questions, you can contact us on Discord or on the forum at @xander11 or @DizzyDude
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