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    whers the serber
  2. erper detected, opinion denied
  3. I can't post a suggestion in suggestion part of the forums so I will try it here. I think we all realize that we need Idlewood pizza stacks back. It was the hot spot of the city and created so much RP for everyone. Let's not forget all the original gangs that were created there like Pizza Stacks 13 or Insane Idlewood crips. Combined with the PayNspray across from it this spot truly made LSRP and showed what we are all about on the server, therefore I believe we should pay a mapper to add in a pizza stacks and rename davis to Idlewood.
  4. Obviously he is lying, roleplayers dont have girlfriends... seriously though you hit the nail on the head, how does she know what level you have to be to rob/scam, how many deputies need to be on to start an inmate on inmate fight etc etc. There are questions you cant possibly know without having looked at the rules at least once.
  5. @nova congrats on lead admin u deserve it
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