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  1. This topic will outline how you may reinstate and the requirements if you were a former staff team member. This topic is for pre-launch of our server. Requirements and guidelines may be subject to change post-launch. Reinstatements are looked at on case by case basis. We are currently RECEIVING reinstatement requests but will not be accepting until February 9th, 2022. In order to submit a reinstatement request, you must: Be active in the community, whether on the forum, discord, or both, in the last month. Have been at least a Forum Moderator. Not have been removed the last time you were in staff, including for inactivity. Have maintained activity requirements last time you were in staff. If you resigned in lieu of removal for activity, please do not attempt to reinstate. Have been on the staff team on or after 2019-01-01. Have left on good terms and remained on good terms thereafter. Be able to verify your identity. If you are unable to meet these requirements, you may attempt to join the staff team through recruitment. Recruitment is planned to open sometime post-launch. Some requirements may be waived if good cause is shown. Former ADMINS must send their reinstatement requests to @DadoJ Former TESTERS must send their reinstatement requests to @Kane Your message should be titled: "Staff Reinstatement - Your Name" You must follow the format below inside of the spoiler. Copy and paste from top to bottom, ensure what you're writing in is as exactly as it's shown inside of the spoiler.
  2. Ben


    If you PM me your discord tag I'll add you.
  3. Ben

    Dying Light 2

    Yeah I've been following it. I tried to get into Dying Light 1 but that just never really caught my attention, and I'm just hoping the 2nd game will live up to its hype.
  4. Ben

    New World

    Does anyone play? Join my world and add me! Also, don't mind the names
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