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  1. Thanks guys. I can honestly say that we are working hard to get the server launched and we want you to have the best possible experience for when we open!
  2. I hear your arguments and will of course bring them up when we have an internal leadership discussion regarding the lore before we launch the server. For those of you who fear that we do not see you; I assure you that we do see you. I think you do bring up some good points, however, we have roleplayed San Andreas on SAMP being its own lore and own island since 2007-2020, and had no major issues with it. Of course a new server launch gives us the ability to reflect on whether we could improve, and perhaps you are right, we do need to change the way we look at SA and CA. As I said on my previous post, you are free to keep posting here with your points of view on the lore so that we can take that into consideration. Have a great day all!
  3. We will be adding a new wiki book called 'Lore' and add the 'San Andreas' and 'Los Santos' lore to it, so that no one will be confused as to what to roleplay. We will under no circumstances be roleplaying a bridge connecting us to the mainland. This is due to the fact that we do not have a bridge on the physical map in-game that connects us to the main land, and we will not be mapping one. Therefore, we are defined as an island. More information will come when the wiki page launches on wiki.ls-rp.com. Of course the lead team will take the comments here into consideration when writing the lore, so feel free to post still if you have anything to say that you feel is important should be mentioned in the lore book.
  4. Hello everyone The last year has been an unusual period of time for the staff team and we are getting closer to another milestone — launching our community on the GTA V platform. In preparation for the many months of developing the script we altered the way our team is structured by introducing the 'Insider' team. The whole staff team has played a vital role in establishing the ecosystem and building the foundation for the server, without their knowledge and experience we would not have been where we are today. As of this post, the Insider Team will be removed and some members of it will be offered alternative positions within the core staff team based on contributions and activity during their time. We'd also like to thank Ten for his contributions to the Faction Team and for setting up and shaping the illegal faction scene ahead of the launch of the server, sadly he has resigned from the team a few days ago and we look forward to hopefully seeing him return in the future! We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to shape the server — the community, the insiders and the staff team as a whole. Thank you for sticking with us through the most challenging period of LS-RP history. Moving on, we'd like to introduce our new staff team structure: Senior Lead Admin Baker — DadoJ — Kane Lead Admin nova Senior Admin DDaniels — Mitcholodolo — Redz Game Admin Xanakin — zalenac — ROZE — Benavides — Mario — Flemwad — Dos Santos Junior Admin Bellagio — Birdman — Zapper Trainee Admins accursed — Kendrick — Genny — jack — luca. Senior Tester betonists — danielswe — Turtle — Marshall Tester Bizarre — bobster — Caleb410 Junior Tester Farrell — Mac — AlmightyBounter — JamesW — Freedom Fighter — Faugh A Ballagh This list is not final and is subject to change.
  5. We have removed this part from rule #5: "Using a controller is not allowed as controller players may provide an unfair advantage to those on a mouse and keyboard." We have disabled assisted aim for controller users, meaning they will always be forced to be in the free aim mode.
  6. Hello everyone In order to make the rules easier to navigate and understand, we have decided to move them away from the forums and onto our very own wiki page! It will still be accessable from our boards, as you can easily click the "Rules" tab on the menu bar. The rules are split into five different categories: Server Rules Account Rules Forum Rules Rules of Engagement Legal Faction Rules With the rules being listed on our wiki page, we are able to easily make changes to them and we will be able to see what was different in the respective revisions of them. Furthermore, every player will be able to see the rules directly in game by simply using "/help rules" or "/help deathmatch" and it will open the rulebook for deathmatching. We are releasing the rules now so that everyone has the time to study them closely before the server opens. Please remember that it is your own responsibility to keep up to date on any rule changes applied, so give the rulebook a thorough read. You can also find the new wiki rules page here. Happy reading,
  7. We're going to keep the rule we had in the Faction Team where a faction can reserve the right to Character Kill a person as long as the person has forum PM'd the faction leader with consent to CK their characer. We're not looking at introducing a new rule where you could apply for an individual character CK application. If a character is rulebreaking and thus would reach a point of where it's natural to talk about a character kill, it's up to the lead admins discretion what to do. We will always educate players first, then punish them instead of going for a "Character kill" punishment. EDIT I'd like to point out that factions can still request an individual character kill as per the RoE found here: https://community.ls-rp.com/rules/roe/
  8. This topic will outline how you may reinstate and the requirements if you were a former staff team member. This topic is for pre-launch of our server. Requirements and guidelines may be subject to change post-launch. Reinstatements are looked at on case by case basis. We are currently RECEIVING reinstatement requests but will not be accepting until February 9th, 2022. In order to submit a reinstatement request, you must: Be active in the community, whether on the forum, discord, or both, in the last month. Have been at least a Forum Moderator. Not have been removed the last time you were in staff, including for inactivity. Have maintained activity requirements last time you were in staff. If you resigned in lieu of removal for activity, please do not attempt to reinstate. Have been on the staff team on or after 2019-01-01. Have left on good terms and remained on good terms thereafter. Be able to verify your identity. If you are unable to meet these requirements, you may attempt to join the staff team through recruitment. Recruitment is planned to open sometime post-launch. Some requirements may be waived if good cause is shown. Former ADMINS must send their reinstatement requests to @DadoJ Former TESTERS must send their reinstatement requests to @Kane Your message should be titled: "Staff Reinstatement - Your Name" You must follow the format below inside of the spoiler. Copy and paste from top to bottom, ensure what you're writing in is as exactly as it's shown inside of the spoiler.
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    If you PM me your discord tag I'll add you.
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    Dying Light 2

    Yeah I've been following it. I tried to get into Dying Light 1 but that just never really caught my attention, and I'm just hoping the 2nd game will live up to its hype.
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    Does anyone play? Join my world and add me! Also, don't mind the names
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