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  1. I can confirm this server is on rp lvl of LSRP (even better in my opinion)
  2. Can you tell me that on pm or send ur discord?
  3. Reallly miss to play i've been playing on/off from 2009...
  4. I will never forgive that you remove the poker tables from your building
  5. As you have heard there gonna be remaster to san andreas its looks like rockstar just say lsrp is going leave samp so lets make a remaster, I will be honest I don't like the new GTA its not going to be like the old samp server so soon the dream come true all our childhood getting remaster, what I wish about that there will be new version for samp for the new remaster game the trailer you going to watch take-two deleted couple times its seems looks like this is going be like that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrUmCmb3Z3c
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