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  1. Think about this logically because more often than not the players behind the characters aren't adults and then it's full on paedophile shit. On PedoW*rld EVERYTHING is paywalled, kids with no money are actively erp'ing with adults for OOC shit like P*doPoints, even in-game cash or a stupid little virtual cat that jankily follows them around. It's a hotbed for predatory activity on minors. Realistically something like stopping all erp happening is nigh impossible but, with OOC consequences it would make erp taboo and less people would be inclined to do it on the server. Age verification applications could be created, similar to gun licenses but with real world I.D needing to be shown in the application and then once accepted, the erpers in-game, before the erp takes place make a /report for admins to age verify both parties are 18+. Now I'm not saying you need to verify your age to take part in illegal roleplay, only for players that want to sit there doing some grimey anims and typing /me's with their left hand. I know the age verification process seems long and invasive but at the end of the day, think of the children. What meaningful roleplay and development has ever come from writing /me's of a sexual scene when it could just be faded to black?
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