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  1. Is it more than two paragraphs in length?
  2. Have you tried /check for its ID and then doing /takeweapon?
  3. Welcome backkk Jahernnnnn
  4. As you mentioned yourself, you need to fill out a support ticket on the Discord server under #request-support in the second section beneath the Information tab.
  5. idk her i want boba tea 😞
  6. Yeah... sure. I'd love to be an admin and go around spectating people because I suspect they're ERPing and literally cry myself to sleep because of what I witnessed. No thanks. Nothing is stopping people from avoiding ERP altogether or fading to black if they're uncomfortable with the roleplay but want it included with their storyline.
  7. I never really did it until now. Thank you!
  8. Posted the new dog ones. 🥰🥰
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