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  1. Yeah... sure. I'd love to be an admin and go around spectating people because I suspect they're ERPing and literally cry myself to sleep because of what I witnessed. No thanks. Nothing is stopping people from avoiding ERP altogether or fading to black if they're uncomfortable with the roleplay but want it included with their storyline.
  2. I never really did it until now. Thank you!
  3. ooo, that's so cute! where?!
  4. Same! So excited for this to start up again.
  5. moo you Thankssss. My next one is even cuterrr.
  6. ♥♥♥ Oh, he knows! Lol. Most of his viewers are people I know! Last time I checked you were perfectly content with being thrown out of the plane. Aww, thank you! ♥
  7. Thank you. thanks yo Thank you! Starting on my next project today. moooooo Thank you~ Thank yooooouuuuuu mythical~
  8. Bleh blah bloo. Work in progress.
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