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  1. Literally this shit is so annoying. Stop bringing up pedorp and other shit related towards it because this is what makes it a constant in a community. Anywhere you go in any roleplay community nowadays everyone is always bringing this type of roleplay up over and over and it’s lowkey kinda fucked up. OP is focusing on the wrong aspects of roleplay before the server has even began to kick off yet.
  2. this is so corny and missing so much information. you came up with a god awful system and then only added hats that cover a handful of gangs and most notably you forgot about a lot of affiliations that you’ve displayed on the thread. maybe instead of manifesting a “press-factor” you should do some research and make this a proper guide and not some ego, e-gangbanger guide to a relatively small list of hats with a small portion of relevant information.
  3. all i know is if i gotta pay the price of a whip for a strap my immersion finna be merked.
  4. before you get engaged to them. how do i roleplay?
  5. Owlgaming had a beautiful system just like the one y’all describing. Vehicle keys are acquired upon purchase and can be given out to any player, yet they aren’t dropped on death. Vehicle keys can also be copied at the city hall for a small fee. Vehicle keys were also allowed to be stolen/robbed (with permisson), which could prompt the player to call the cops and have their ignition swapped by a trained mechanic. Not sure how you guys feel about it or how you guys wanna go about it, just shedding light on a system I’ve seen in the past.
  6. yak your spot on the roster is saved whenever family.
  7. vespucciovereverything
  8. Poor thread, remove the stories and you have two paragraphs of irrelevant gang information. You should do some more research on your concept in my personal opinion.
  9. You're gladly mistaken if you think text-based RP has declined over the years, it's actually blown up a considerable amount. The application isn't supposed to be a deterrent from keeping out new and unexperienced players, yet syphons through those who don't have any roleplay knowledge or just are trolls. As stated above, you can be completely new to roleplay and still manage to get a character accepted here. There's nothing wrong with that, but it does drive concerns that the roleplay quality/standard won't be held as high as the former server was. Regardless, whatever system you put here, those people will get in one way or another. Brace yourself for impact because on launch I'm envisioning a multitude of ban hammers, I'm assuming Davis is going to be overrun with people who don't know how to roleplay, don't care for roleplay, and just wanna have fun. I'm confident in the staff team to handle all these people and I don't roleplay in Davis, so this won't change anything for me and my play style, but it may affect others who are actively trying to portray a 1:1 socal street gang.
  10. Im pretty sure there's a five minute cooldown. I passed off rip, but I know many others who've struggled. All in all, I've been getting mixed reactions to the difficulty. If the administration team wants to keep the application basic, yet take conclusive action against trolls, and whatnot, it'll be fine.
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