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  1. Let's go wood
  2. I'd murder the FPS and cause major texture loss.
  3. A continuity and lore team would certainly rid us of doubts, but compared to the other place's team it should be community-driven and have us, the players, be involved actively in the lore building, not just a bunch of admins.
  4. The community's opinion should be heard and taken into consideration.
  5. melt city

    Aro's Drawings

    they make some cool ass stickers keep it up
  6. There's a myriad of unique LEA concepts such as California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Highway Patrol and if you're feeling fancy there's the District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation. Edit. You could discuss with the Port Authority to fund the Port Police.
  7. took a huge dump feeling great
  8. German for opportunities Japanese or Chinese for the culture
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