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  1. It's not an unrealistic expectation, it is quite simple to implement. I've played on countless servers both MTA & SA:MP that have used a similar system with minimal resources with maybe 50-60 lines of code, and that is just the basic of keeping a vehicle in its constant xyz pos. If a player has five-ten-twenty vehicles, then so be it, but most could (including faction vehicles that are in a "garage") be in an interior/ seperate dimension. There is multiple work arounds to save on performance and stream issues, doing the same thing since 2007 isn't going to polish and keep a server up to date, systems are always being updated to new ways, and this could be one of them. Vehicles can despawn after a set time, after restart etc etc etc. If a troll smashed your vehicle then its not hard to /report and have an admin /fixveh no? If not then buy a house with a garage and store it so it wont be destroyed in public. It's like having an iphone 3 and not upgrading because it still "works", but people do it anyways because its a new thing, not the same they've been using before and used to. An unrealistic expectation would be having a convo with a player In-Character, asking if they have a truck and them going "Yeah man its just parked right here on the side of the road" and all of a sudden a vehicle appearing and so on. There is many ways to make it work flawless, having towing companys to control incorrect parking and impounding, admin commands to respawn a district or all server vehicles to spread them out via /parked location, or have it disappear cause the hobo on the corner jimmy rigged the lock and hotwired it. But said hobo can't steal a vehicle he was scouting for days if said vehicle is magically gone into thin air at the typing of a command.
  2. Your name looks familiar, you once played MTA no? if so you'd know exactly what im talking about. Even this, there is always a compromise to make it work one way or another. Unrealistic parking would fall under having a towing & recovery faction/company to deal with said issues. Lag issues can be scripted to have it despawn after a set amount of time etc. /vparking in in quick succession is not realistic nor RP'ish at all. Nothing is making it difficult at all other than a car always being in its spot/driveway/garage at all (or most) times. As for the "don't fix what isn't broke", is more of a dwell on the past and more or so something that needs updating, like people say its 2022, not 2012, imo a better system should be made/ is needed cause from my past playing experience, /vpark and your car despawning at the moments instant is not realistic in the slightest. If i go outside my house irl, my car is in my driveway, not hidden away by a command to never be seen unless i spawn it.
  3. I find its not overly realistic either spawning in vehicles out of the blue. This could be tweaked too whereas if your offline your vehicle isnt spawned in, but logging in will spawn your vehicle in? Respawning areas can always fix the issue or periodic respawning to spread out vehicles can help aswell. Summer months the peak was 240-270ish one time and even though a cluster of vehicles were everywhere (11K total vehicles around the map), the towing company dealt with majority of them and everything else was respawned to its original parked location like in garages and interiors, didn't drop performance much, ontop of that thousands of world dropped items etc. Text based roleplay does not mean you cant have quality of life scripts such as that, GUI's for menus for factions or scripted in gate system and the whole works. If it can be done on a game from 2005, surely there is a workaround for it to work in present day.
  4. I haven't been on V long as i just recently made a comeback from SAMP And MTA after 6ish years, so streaming issues and such i wouldn't know alot about. But theres always the possibility of respawning on server reset or by admin commands /respawnall putting the vehicles back to their /parked position. Vehicles in interiors would remove some of that issue if the interiors are in a seperate dimension no?
  5. So seeing as how player owned vehicles are /parked and /vget, why not make all vehicles owned by factions and players left ingame on the map. Coming from MTA where I've rp'ed on a lot of servers that ran the same similar setup, it makes the city feel more alive. Owning a garage or having one attached (interiors) should be the only way that your car is not on the street unless parked in a driveway. Having vehicles always around on public streets and driveways would make the city feel more alive then bare streets and such, and gives players like myself the option of roleplaying opening a towing and recovery company/faction with contracts for government departments and such more to do with a scripted in impound lot and impound system, especially for mechanic roleplay. It also give more RP for the illegal sector for vehicle break-in and theft. Having your vehicle /parked in areas such as no parking, incorrectly parked etc would result in it being towed and having to pay an unimpound fee. Personally the despawning and spawning of vehicles doesn't seem to feel right, but that's just my own opinion. Thoughts?
  6. Im originally from MTA so this would be what you were referring to,
  7. Hughesy

    Honda Fan Club

    Always liked S2000's. I find for how old is it for a honda/acura, its has a more modern look as if it was a 2010ish car. Stability and power especially with the 2.4L almost making 250whp is crazy fun for how light of a car it is.
  8. Hughesy

    Honda Fan Club

    Anyone here a honda person/builder? Here is my 2005 Acura RSX Type-S Build List 2-04 headlight and taillights conversion 02-04 bumpers Aspec side skirts and rear lip Mugen front lip Raceland ultimo coilovers Type r high rise wing Hks hi-power catback Skunk2 Alpha header 8000k HID fog lights 8000k HID headlights Engine - JDM K24A 57,947 Km Competition stage 1.5 clutch Competition forged ultralight flywheel 8lbs Rbc intake manifold w/ ktuned manifold adapter Aem V2 cold air intake Ktuned fuel rail Ktuned oil cap Ktuned k24 post mount Ktuned breather filter HKS hi-power catback exhaust Hondata kpro v4 Solid rear mount 6 speed transmission Hybrid racing detent springs Hybrid racing shift selector springs
  9. Cant wait. Coming from an MTA:RP server years ago I'm liking the GUI scripts and hope to see more similar concepts.
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