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  1. Rather than an OOC monopoly on news, I'd love to see the Government or FM reward the best news agencies with grants.
  2. Thanks, unfortunately the crackdown on GTA Underground ruined all the chances of a proper vice city roleplaying community. Let's hope best for GTA 6. Here's more until i found a proper Miami-Dade badge design:
  3. Both are temporary, but I'd rather find true love than win some money that I will probably spend on some stupid shit. Would you rather fight twenty six year olds or six twenty year olds?
  4. Extorting an institution isn't wise. Maybe you meant blackmail, perhaps some of the higher-ups in the LSPA may have been involved in corruption and the criminals enterprise has them on their leash for that.
  5. Thinking of roleplaying an illegal shipping front, importing Aliexpress sex toys, heroin and Asian hookers.
  6. It's the only mall in LS, that being said, it's in Davis which I pray to God doesn't become Idlewood 2.0. Maybe have some sort of agreement to turn it into a non-violent crime area.
  7. As it is, don't overthink it. Roleplay-wise? You could say that you stayed three hours in traffic or something while coming from the county due to traffic or whatever, nobody is going to complain about that tbh. But that's outside important situations, such as 911s since the player has to probably fill in reports with the actual information and time.
  8. +1, it's always at the player and administrator's discretion. What the community should do is use previous administrative rulings as guidelines, just like IRL jurisprudence does.
  9. too fucking awesome bro, I got a tablet myself but I can't even draw a square precisely on it
  10. When it comes to designing logos I'm hit and miss, I got inspired by various aviation agencies, got some vectors and slapped them on a seal. I'm trying to get Illustrator for crispier and more refined vectors. Inspiration,
  11. RageMP modding section, Sales and auctions section, Government, laws and court rulings.
  12. some community's LSPD forums designs sahp designs for another defunct community vice city police department designs san andreas aviation agency Outcast MC, quit halfway through the project _ and special thanks to my hard drive for deleting 4 years worth of .psd, this is all I could salvage
  13. Lowkey down to earth hustle/grinding illegally, not banging or being an illegal character just because it gets you far in your faction. I'd love to see more realistically portrayed illegal characters, with actual IC motivations to be involved in these activites — What I mean is a character that isn't a sociopath or some illegal fiend just because, someone who does odd jobs or hustles sometimes because he has to pay his rent.
  14. As long as the vehicle's characteristics are fine within pg/mg lines and they don't use non-lore cars.
  15. I'm very eager to apply for DST as soon as applications are open. Though, I'd like to pose an issue to the current leadership. I've been in LSPD on another RageMP community where the environment was tiresome due to both members and leadership's obsession with simulating the LSPD. I'd spend around four hours or more in an FTP, then around another two writing reports, but that's not a huge problem, the more pressing matter was the sheer lowkey toxic peer pressure from the members and not so constructive critique. These members, although good roleplayers, would obsess over LAPD/LASD culture or niche things that weren't compatible with the IC environment, straight-out ignoring situations or roleplay opportunities because the real life counterparts wouldn't do so, or discouraging certain characters not because they weren't realistic, but because they didn't fit their perfect LAPD/LASD self-insert world where they are the main protagonists. I'm not kind to this level of micromanagement. When do we acknowledge the fact that LS is NOT simulating LA but simply a source of inspiration and portrayal? As a roleplayer I'd rather value the IC environment born from the community's roleplay. Although a wonderful roleplaying experience, it is still a game and I'd love not to feel like I'm working 9-5 for free, trying to satisfy some OCD'ing maniacs. I wouldn't call those specific players nolifers, but I'd recommend them to find something more purposeful in life, maybe touch some grass.
  16. Why? It's a 17 years old game. The only thing making you prefer Samp is nostalgia.
  17. I'm sorry for your experience on the other RageMP server, I can say my own experience on the same community left me with a sour taste as well. Can't wait to see your content man!
  18. I've come to bargain. I drive a TDI 2.0, I don't need no Tesla, son.
  19. @FatherAlexav , third year seminarian at the Greek Catholic Church alongside other members of Christian faith have founded the San Andreas Greek Catholic Church. Our purpose as a faction is to provide a community for civilians and illegal and legal characters. Our priority is to be community oriented. We're in the process of discussing the faction's role on LSRP with the Faction Team, laying the foundation of another roleplay opportunity. We've opened this topic so we could answer to your feedback and suggestions Short Q&A, Why the Greek Catholic Church? Although our real life counterpart, Los Angeles, is mostly Roman Catholic and non-denominal Christian, in order to provide a genuine religious environment we've decided to practice the Byzantine Rite since FatherAlexav is highly knowledgeable of it. We're happy to answer your questions about this Christian denomination. What are our future plans? We're planing to open a clinic/hospital and a charity, these are our current projects. What about corruption? We don't intend to get involved criminally, although there may be future cases of bureaucratic corruption throughout our interactions with the Government and illegal factions. We're not allowing criminal priests or religious zealots, though, it is in our member's right to develop their characters however they want, it's not unlikely for the members of the clergy to engage in immoral actions or to have personal opinions that don't conform with the Church. What do we expect from you? Our expectations from the community are not pretentious. We'd like some common sense from the members, that means avoiding church shootings, violence or disruption during mass, extortion and trolling. Also, don't forget to check out our Faction Topic.
  20. Ideally we should take into consideration 3D/HD universe locations and brands.
  21. Catholic priest and Sheriff's Deputy when recruitment is open.
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