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  1. Hi! I'd like to generate some ideas that can be used for government contracting. We used to have 5 contracts back in SAMP server and they were quite limited. GTA V offers so many possibilities and I believe it's imperative to use it in every possible way. It's important to hear from the community. I'll be running the Office of Finance in LS GOV faction and will make sure your ideas are fulfilled. The implementation of the contract is guaranteed. PS. The idea needs must be fruitful in roleplay, so that the rest of the community can be a part of it or have a chance to benefit from it. It can also be a core for aspiring/starting faction (illegal or legal). A few ideas: Sanitation Taxi Services Trucking/Hauling Sawmill (?) Veterinary Construction (my favorite one)
  2. Denis

    CIV 6

    Sid Meier's Civilization 6. I bought the game a few days ago when it was on sale. Great first impression. I have never played CIV before, and compared thoroughly with the previous version, and honestly it feels like I've made the right choice. Anyone plays here? I did tutorial for 5 straight hours and didn't notice how fast the time went. It's crazy. Doing story mode. So much things to uncover and learn, a very well-thought game.
  3. Denis

    What do you drive?

    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
  4. Since 2010 and still counting. What's up?
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