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  1. Might be a cool addition at some point. It just isn't needed at launch or any time soon.
  2. What kinds of mods will be allowed? I realize that it's already covered by the rules & might be practically impossible to enforce, however certain sound mods can give you an unfair advantage over other players because they're louder. Same applies to certain graphic mods which increase the brightness drastically during nighttime. Also, does this mean that ENV mods (graffiti packs, street signs, etc.) are prohibited?
  3. what i meant is rather that cringe redneck portrayal, it just doesn't happen and it looks quite stupid imo. otherwise, sure, county rp can be fun if done properly
  4. A farm sure, portaying NorCal as Alabama is a huge no-go though.
  5. There's no plans for that at this point. We might look into it at a later point after the server launch.
  6. f all you mother fers. I got validated in prison and spent over 20 years in SHU programs for serving you fools. You mother fers really are pathetic. Greasy blank Mexicans who wear their pants 5 Xs too big and can’t see beyond the world of gang banging.
  7. Huge no. It's gonna cause more issues (performance-wise) than it's worth.
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