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  1. Asus Rog Strix GTX 1660 Super 6gb vram i5-10400F 16gb RAM 500gb HDD
  2. Different types of banners gang related ones will come soon
  3. Sure, drop me a pm and i'll send u discord id
  4. Thanks, more will come, I just need ideas
  5. All of the players who work to make LSRP better and all the players who enjoy LSRP and stay with the server no matter what are the legends
  6. Yes that's a good idea too, sell the perks separately sounds good.
  7. A Glass of Jack Daniels, I wanted a name to be unique and classy at the same time, and I made my profile match the nickname I chose, my original nickname was キッスランド which stands for The Weeknd's album Kissland but since I couldn't register with Japanese words, I chose this name.
  8. Well, people pay to have more advantages and that's what keeps the server on it's feet. But I highly disagree with donator restricted clothing items, it's basically an advantage, how you gonna RP it? in real life you can't get some glasses because you haven't donated? xD Furniture slots also seem reasonable, I think we need to stick to this amount of slots: Normal Players: 100 1. Bronze Donator: 200 slots 2. Silver: 500 3. Gold: 1000
  9. This is GTA V bro xD there are cars that are far faster and better than infernus, but since infernus is kind of classic they might sell it through auction
  10. Like I said, BMX being a donator vehicle in SAMP was nothing but horseshit. All of the bicycles will stay public
  11. That's basically giving you an advantage over others, donator restricted furniture items? That doesn't make sense at all, we'll stick to more furniture slots
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