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  1. Update: I still keep crashing, switched graphics settings to low, reinstalled RAGE twice and nothing changed.
  2. Yesterday I moved a few settings such as FXAA, MSAA etc and everything was fine but today in difference from yesterday, my game doesn't crash instantly but it reconnects itself and then after a few minutes it might crash. We should keep in mind that I used to play this server will all my full resolution settings with no problems. After the recent updates I've faced such issues. Keep in mind that there might be other people who simply don't care to deal with such thing on forums and they simply don't join the server. I'll see if anything else changes.
  3. Yes I just crashed again.
  4. I turned it off, will see what happens after.
  5. If I have to play with such a quality while on a 27" monitor then this is very wrong.
  6. RIP. I will try and come back.
  7. What should the resolution be?
  8. Everything started after graffiti system was implemented. Since then I always experience waves of lag, almost everywhere.
  9. Hello Los Santos Roleplay Community, I hope you're doing well. I'm reaching out to discuss a change to our current car loans system, aiming to make the game more realistic and interesting. You may have noticed that money is already going around in the game right now compared to the first weeks when everything was hard. To keep things balanced and fun, I think it's a good idea to look into fixing the car loans system and people actually start paying for them. Right now, we have enough money going around, and improving the car loans system can be the next step in making the economy better. By doing this, we can create a more lifelike and rewarding experience for players. Here are a few reasons why fixing the car loans system is important: Balancing the Economy: Since now we have money moving around, we should make ways for players to lose money in a fair way. Fixing the car loans system can help players face financial challenges, making owning a vehicle more meaningful. Encouraging Responsible Ownership: Many players are driving vehicles without worrying about repaying loans. Fixing the car loans system will make players think more about their choices, encouraging responsible ownership. Money Circulation: A good car loans system helps money move around in the game. This means that players not only get money but also spend it, making the in-game economy more dynamic. In conclusion, fixing the car loans system is an important step in keeping the game interesting and balanced. It adds a realistic challenge that makes the game better for everyone. Feel free to share your thoughts on this proposal. Let's work together to make sure Los Santos Roleplay stays exciting and fun for everyone.
  10. It's been a while since I last commented here, this faction has a different feeling with Koso in. Keep it going!
  11. Kenado

    What do you drive?

    E class 2.2 cdi 2001. Hopefully switching to a Tiguan 2.0 2013 in January!
  12. Kur tet merzise najni thuju “do rrini mir se do ju paksoj” hahahahah
  13. A ke deshir ta lej qe ta rris numrin e lojtarve vec per me tall karin hahahaha
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