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  1. I fully agree to all the comments that were mentioned above, but what I firstly want to see is a "finger pointing" script and secondly, a script-option to be able to adjust your position while you are in an animation. Those are right now the most important ones that I see missing. They might just seem like little details, but everybody would be glad to use the script ability after all.
  2. big props and congrats to y'all
  3. welcome back haha, legendary servers for sure though
  4. Fire! But what I also like to see is the "animation adjustment", moving while being in an animation, very important.
  5. it just become better from now on.
  6. Also a beautiful and in-depth movie
  7. I have been following this thread since its first page of comments. I still think and believe that LS-RP will raise again with their playerbase, sooner or later. Of course, mistakes have been done and having some kind of feeling that important things have been slipped by and ignored. Every server has earned a chance to build themselves up from scratch. Other players, including me, were playing on LS-RP SA-MP and everybody knows that this server took a while to release, unfortunately a bit too late, but there is still hope and opportunities for the community, especially for the staff team (developers and so on) to implement stuff quickly into the server. I just wish that little details like turning the /roadblock and /spikes (/ss) features into a more user-friendly system or having the opportunity to adjust your animation while you are sitting, etc. I see a lot of script-updates in the #git Discord Channel, which are very useful and good things, but it just takes too long to implement and release them onto the server. And yes, last but not least, the gun problem, I don't think I have to repeat it once more. There are too many guns on the server and there must be a solution to reduce them to a minimum. That everyone on both sides is satisfied and agreeing in a good way. Thanks for your transparency, Martin. And I hope this will go more smoothly than it did before. This just can become good, there is hope and it should be used as well and fast as anyone can.
  8. It's a masterpiece. I think there is nothing more to say.
  9. keep it up, hopefully we can finally adjust our anims on the next weeks update.
  10. Good update, but despite all the /engine-fixes, it is still possible for female characters to drive off while the engine is still turned off.
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