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July 2023 Tester Update






We've just concluded our 2023-07 Tester Application cycle. Thank you to everyone who participated. In the 7 short days the cycle ran, we received and reviewed 98 applications and 24 were selected. To those who applied and weren't selected, thank you for your interest and effort. I don't have an estimate on the next cycle but if you remain interested then, please do re-apply!


Without furtherado, congratulations to:


Brasi - Caledonite - Cheech - Chester Campbell
Christian - Cocoon - DC12 - Draxxler
Hanky - Helius - Jerome - KnownAlmighty
PrOxyy - ScubaStef - Sprinter - Trewen
ZenoShow - kaibr - mabzy - mar$
matical - milly - str1nger - wdmcnr



This list is not final and subject to change. The Head of Testers @nova will reach out to you all in the following days to begin your onboarding process.




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