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  1. Moved to about the community.
  2. you were the highlight of the video for sure
  3. Lack of players are an issue at this moment regardless whether or not there's some sort of "rp hub". Every time I log in, I see advertisements for open businesses such as different bars and clubs. People can go to those businesses and promote roleplay there not only for their character, but for the business owner and their employees as well. Having a hub of some sort will only take away from businesses that rely on roleplay to run.
  4. I'm cool with the idea of social media, but to have some sort of "rp hub" that people go to just throws it way off for me. The mall on SAMP was like this and we had all sorts of issues with that. You'd have gang roleplayers from Idlewood showing up causing problems and people DMing and just getting into a mess of different situations. With social media, people can actually socialize with each other and arrange different types of events that are already advertised in the #events channel on discord. Far more appropriate (in my opinion) than some sort of hub where people from all sorts of areas (some of which probably won't mix well with each other) meet up and cause problems.
  5. I'm trying to understand the concept of this thread. I believe the question was what the community as a whole could do to improve. This thread has taken a turn and has went straight after staff members as if we're the issue. While I agree that there are things that staff could do to keep members more educated as to what the current and future plans are, I don't think the problem lies entirely within the staff team. There are things that members can also do to promote more roleplay ideas. I've personally come up with a few ideas of my own, but due to the fact that the feature I'm waiting on hasn't been implemented (at least yet), I'm holding off on the idea. People can come up with all sorts of ideas for roleplay. I've seen a business with boat rentals that could promote all sorts of different types of roleplay. Boat parties, "pirate attacks", etc. Different roleplay opportunities can branch out into different roleplay scenarios that people could get into. Something that I think we had a while ago was a boat rescue, which was pretty cool and different. Imagine for example if there was a Coast Guard faction. All of the map is either surrounded by water or has several bodies of water that can be found inland. CG could also be used for maritime law enforcement, search and rescue operations, or even for natural disaster events. All it takes is a bit of research and creativity and people can come up with all sorts of ideas that could bring a lot more people on board.
  6. not that dude again i had to repeat myself like 4 times LMAO
  7. The newest update goes over some of the planned updates that we have coming up in the future. I do agree, though. There should be some sort of roadmap put in place to keep community members informed of what's going on with the server in the present and what's planned for the future.
  8. The best solution anyone can give you is to be patient. If Dos Santos says it's being worked on, it's being worked on. Rushing things causes issues and I think that's something anyone else will agree on.
  9. This, I do agree on. I know back on SAMP, we always had feature documentation for each new script addition to the server. This would make things a lot easier for people because they wouldn't have to play a guessing game as to how certain things (trucking being the best example) work.
  10. While I understand your frustration, going as far as saying that certain community members in their leadership roles are incompetent seems like a jab at said members in those positions. Regardless of whether specific community members were named or not, please refrain from making comments such as this. Everybody that was placed in the positions they’re in were placed there for good reason. I don’t think it’s anyone’s intention to simply “bump” someone to a position, be it in a faction or the staff team, out of popularity. This isn’t something that we go for and if you believe it’s happening, it should be reported. EDIT: This entire thread seems to fall in line with the thread that was created by a_sliceolife, so I’ll be archiving this so we don’t discuss two of the same topic. My apologies, it wasn’t until now that I realized there were two threads in general discussions that seem to go over issues that members are facing. The link to the other thread can be found here.
  11. This seems to more or less fall in line with the required training for a CCW license.
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