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Major Update 1.1






Today we're releasing our first Major Update 1.1. Let me share some thoughts on the features that are implemented, how the development process will change going forward, and what our immediate next plans are.


We've listened to your feedback on forums, Discord, game, and basically anywhere you were willing to share it. I now understand just how important customization and the access to roleplay opportunities is important to our community and the updates from here on will reflect that. 


The full changelog is:

- Added Tattoos
- Added Makeup
- Added business entrance rewards
- Added loan extra payments & option to repay loan
- Added another motorcycle and bicycle dealership with more showroom slots
- Added ~1500 new furniture items
- Added ~250 new hair styles
- Added /confiscate for pd sd
- Added LSFD siren, pager
- Added auto cancelling inactive missions
- Added Social Security payments even after level 3 (every 2.5 hrs instead of every 1 hour)
- Added LSSD West Vinewood Station
- Changes to the LSPD Traffic Station
- Changes to the LSFD Faction Vehicles & Stations
- Enabled weapon stores [setup may be pending]
- Re-enabled reset appearance on UCP
- Fixed dealership showroom vehicles not respawning
- Fixed /localtime 0
- Disabled /extras for non-admin



Perhaps one of the most important missing pieces of character customization were tattoos. We decided to split the tattoo feature into three releases, with the base script starting today. You can find several tattoo shops around the map and use /tattoo to configure your appearance. The system allows you to specify 6 levels of opacity for each tattoo, it can be as transparent or as opaque as you want it to be. As with many things in the gamemode, we aim to create consequences for your character's actions. To remove a tattoo, you need to attend a laser removal session to decrease the opacity of the tattoo until it's completely gone. The lower the initial opacity, the faster it is to remove.




This baseline tattoo script is released with the native tattoo set. We've reached out to Factions and are compiling a pack for faction-oriented tattoo, to give every type of a faction enough variation to represent their character accurately. If you'd like to be a part of this, please reach out to DDaniels. Custom tattoos are currently very high on our priority list and we already started working on them. In the third phase of the tattoo system roll out, we want to add faction/company specific tattoos and allow players to create their own tattoo parlors, to give unique tattoos to other players.


Other Customization

Besides tattoo, we've also added over 250 new hairstyles and over 1500 new furniture items. We've finally populated and enabled our makeup script - you can find a few beauty stores around the map marked by a blip of lips. The initiative of course doesn't end here and we're looking at adding more clothing items and accessories next.



We put a lot of thought and effort into our current economy system. We got some things right, but clearly we've missed the mark in some places. Here are some of the changes we've made in 1.1 to stimulate the economy:

  • Social Security is extended past level 3. You will receive payments like before, except every 2 hours 30 minutes instead of every 1 hour of play time.
  • Entrance Rewards for businesses. Your business can now be configured by Company Team to receive a cash reward for every unique visitor over a period of time. It's hard to extract the same profit from characters in-game as you can IRL, this system is meant to reflect realistic earnings a business would have. Our goal here is to promote RP and encourage players to set up businesses that are frequented by players.
  • You can now make exceptional payments, or pay off any loans early with zero interest.
  • All furniture items are temporarily free.

The list does not end there. We're currently revisiting overall earnings once again, and will be increasing them in the near future. We won't be changing the economy model as a whole, but rather shortening the earnings cycle to allow everyone, regardless of their available time to earn more money.


Release Cycle

From here on, we'll focus on a more dynamic release cycle. We chose to bundle several highly requested features together for 1.1 and we won't be doing this for updates going forward. Instead of working on a single update for 2-3 weeks, we'll instead release features as they're ready. This will allow us to test faster and deploy more frequently.


Player Retention

The server roll out is currently going according to our predictions. After initial spike of interest, the numbers are starting to settle down and we're approaching a baseline for our community from where we can freely grow upwards. We do however understand that we could be doing much more for player retention. We've identified a few steps to take within the staff team and will be implementing them, if we haven't already, shortly.


Thank you for all your extensive feedback. We value it and learn from it as we enter the new space that is GTA V. 


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  • Clap 5
  • Thumbs 5
  • Strong 3
  • Love 24


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It's hard to extract the same profit from characters in-game as you can IRL, this system is meant to reflect realistic earnings a business would have. Our goal here is to promote RP and encourage players to set up businesses that are frequented by players.


This is hype, the community will get really creative now

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