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Major Update 1.2






Today we're releasing Major Update 1.2! I will take you through the updates we've been testing for the past week since Major Update 1.1 and explain what's new.


Continuing on from the theme of player retention and acquisition, and listening to your feedback, we understand that the script can really be restrictive of what you're trying to do ingame. You can't be a part-time bartender, for example, if you're trucking in the rest of your time. In this update, we are introducing the ability to be employed in multiple companies - currently, you will be permitted to be in one server-owned company, and one player-owned company. This will greatly improve the flexibility of our players in roleplaying what they wish, without being unnecessarily restricted. In addition, we have allowed players who have previously (before today) added 2-factor authorisation to their account to reset it via the UCP, either on the login page or in their account preferences.


The full changelog is:

- Added 2FA reset ability on the UCP
- Added ability to be in multiple companies
- Added reward cut for companies
- Added the ability to respawn individual cars for factions and companies
- Added the ability to choose which company gets the profits from /pos and /servedrink
- Added a reminder that you can run the taxi mission in personal vehicles
- Added the ability to reward businesses per unique visitor
- Added green icons on the map for open businesses
- Added stock to gun stores throughout the city and county (pistol icons on the map)
- Added the ability for companies to be awarded contracts from the government
- Fixed a bug preventing people from using /respawnme
- Fixed an issue where trucks despawned during missions and caused forklift issues
- Removed the ability to shoot whilst driving

Multiple Companies

One of the most squawked about blocks to players' roleplay is the restriction that players can only be in one company. We have made a change so that players can now be hired to one server-owned company and one player-owned company. You are no longer restricted to just being a trucker if you want to become a bartender, or a mechanic. Further, you can be in two companies of the same type if you so wish! For example, the TaxiTaxi server-owned company, and a BetterTaxi player-owned company. In this case, you can use either your company car, or your private car, and you can choose which company to represent when you begin your taxi mission.


While we are currently only allowing being a member of one server company and one player company, we will in the future be looking at expanding this to be in more than 2 companies, so be on the lookout for that!


Company Positions

Included with this update is the ability to set your members to other positions in the company using the /companyposition command. This will allow companies to assign different permissions to different members of their companies without affecting any other part of their game. Examples of permissions you might set include the ability to hire or fire employees - perfect for Human Resources members!


Gun Stores

As you may have seen, and heard in our last community meeting, licenses to purchase firearms (PF) are now able to be bought, and Ammu-Nations have been opened across the city. Anything you see in those stores is completely fair game - that includes the shotguns and rifles you see in there as well, and any of the ammunition you see. Do remember that these weapons have serial numbers, so if your weapon is stolen or sold, you can be held accountable.


Roleplay Hubs

You might have seen that the LSSD faction held a barbecue in Davis the other day, and a map icon to boot. We are now showing on the map green icons where player companies are open to show you, as a player, where the roleplay is happening. We hope that this increases the custom to different player owned businesses as well, boosting their income with our new feature - a reward amount per unique visitor, per opening!




Thank you once again for all the feedback. It is so valuable to us and makes us as a team so happy that you all care about our passion project as much as we do. Please, keep the feedback coming.

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