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    really cool bro, i recently took coding back up and have been loving it. keep it up!
  2. Hello LS-RP! Winter is coming and so are the events! While we admit we're fashionably late with the November event rundown, it's only because we've already dived headfirst into the month with not just one, but two incredible community events – the celebration of Day of the Dead and the heartfelt tribute for Veterans Day. If you weren't able to join us, we extend our sincere apologies for not keeping you in the loop. Nonetheless, don't worry! We're determined to ensure that you're fully informed and anticipating what's on the horizon in regards to events. Get ready to mark your calendars and prepare for an upcoming event that promises excitement, engagement, and an opportunity to further strengthen our community spirit. Stay tuned for more details and get set for an event you won't want to miss! Did you know that LS-RP now has a go-kart track? Something you will get to witness first hand with the upcoming KART CAR-NIVAL event. This exciting dual event features a player-organized go-kart tournament paired with a car show. We strongly encourage you to explore the newly introduced vehicle modifications and make your way to the Del Perro parking lot. Here, you'll find the go-karts ready for action and a platform where you can proudly showcase your newly customized car(s). DATE: November 18th 2023 TIME: 10:00PM LOCATION: Next to Del Perro pier parking lot Big thank you to @Eliran Shuker for this great video showcasing some of the great event with an even greater samp-esk song choice. Let's take a breather from the adrenaline of the race tournament and shift gears to a laid-back community gathering. Sike! Prepare for an electrifying twist—a rock concert right in the heart of the event. Get set for an in-game mini outdoor concert, where we'll celebrate Thanksgiving in rocking style. DATE: November 25th 2023 TIME: 10:00PM LOCATION: Behind LD Organics Looking to organize an event and want the community to know about it? Absolutely! Reach out to us on Discord or send a forum PM, and we'll ensure your event gets included in our listings. If you are planning something for December instead of November, no problem at all. We'll make sure to feature it in our upcoming December update. P.S: Don't hesitate to share your ideas, no matter the scale. Have a grand idea for a server-wide event? Share it right here → Events Discussion Forum We're dedicated to enhancing your in game experience, and your feedback is important to us. To gain better insights into our ongoing events, we'll be rolling out an event survey by the end of the month. We're anticipating your thoughts and input! Massive thanks to @kaibr for the great survey he created to gauge where the community is at. Many people have given their in depth feedback and opinions and we are grateful. If you would like to partake in the survey please feel free to fill it out and be sure to voice your opinion. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeh99YDCbXulDP7D5BgUfe2fASaFR3T2qpsrZdJs6S6bAQQKw/viewform?pli=1 Huge thanks for your time! For those who missed our previous events, we've captured some event highlights in these screenshots!
  3. SAMP Nostalgia tends to last for about two weeks, based on my experience. Considering our current efforts to build and expand on the 5 server, adding another server would significantly increase the workload. In the last month alone we've witnessed many old SAMP servers attempt a revival, and more often than not, they just lose steam within two weeks due to a lack of sustained interest. Just sharing my perspective not to mention the very important factors @ImperiumXVII mentioned above.
  5. ur kinda fat brother

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      your kinda looking CHUNKY brother

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    happy birthday @ROZE!!!
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