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  1. Kane


    Orrr! You should admit you can't wait until it comes out ! This "it's dead"|"it's never coming out" crowd is funny cause you guys are the first on the forum/discord to message!
  2. Kane


    No more like pointing out a bad actor when I see one. I don't think you intend on being apart of this community but are only here to stir the pot. I go back to my first post, you're being blind. We post our progress on Discord frequently, our current main method of communicating with the community. I gave you a response on the reason for delays but you continue to bring it up and ask for transparency. What is it we haven't been transparent about that needs covering? Please be specific so I can answer your questions and provide you with this transparency that you've been lusting for.
  3. Kane


    It's been explained several times. We set dates that we weren't able to make because we underestimated the work left and how long it would take, on top of real life responsibilities and delays. Now, I see all your posts are just hate, so there is no reasoning with you. But if you think this "project is going absolutely nowhere", you're too filled with hate & blind to the progress that is being posted weekly. I am curious though why you're still dedicating time to posting about a project which you believe is going nowhere. Side note, why Tor and all the VPNs? Anyways...
  4. Kane


    The sheer irony of you saying someone who can't move on...you're still here, posting about it how it'll be a failure. Move on then, bucko.
  5. Kane


    You should really look up what constructive criticism means man. You're as annoying as Stormbird so you'll follow in his foot steps! Stop derailing Apophis' topic, thank you!
  6. risen

    So there's this game called Valorant bro I really think that it's not a good game but other people do love this game. How do I convince them it's a bad game?

    1. Kane


      Its not a bad game man

  7. Hey kane

  8. risen

    Hey kane

  9. Kane

    March Release Update

    No it's not. This is just ignorance.
  10. Kane

    March Release Update

    Wrong Development really began after Oct 5, 2020, wasn't really done full time until early 2021
  11. Kane

    March Release Update

    We all work full time jobs outside of ls-rp and Martin's been taking unpaid leave from his to dedicate more time to getting ls-rp out but I suppose you may have a point about us being lazy. Schedules change, life happens and slows us down. I can't help you if you can't understand that.
  12. Kane

    March Release Update

    It's on there because we prefer to have a good amount of jobs available in the beginning. If it's the only thing holding us back, we can release without it and put it in a later update.
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