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  1. Kane

    Staff Expansion

    Greetings! As we get closer to a launch, we're also looking to expand our staff team. We're now receiving applications for new testers and staff reinstatements. We're looking for members of the community that are passionate about building the server with us and we encourage everyone interested to apply! https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/322-staff-recruitment/ Former staff members that have any questions about their eligibility of reinstatement should contact Head of Admins @DadoJ or Head of Testers @Kane. Additionally, we had another successful week for development. We've made great headway in identifying and squashing bugs. Just in the last week, we documented 50 or more different bugs that we've now resolved. There now remain very few issues that block us from successfully releasing and we're excited for whats to come. We want to thank everyone again for their continued patience and support. Remember that our progress can be followed and daily updates can be seen in our #test-git channel on Discord. The application for tester was updated recently, if anyone already had it pre-filled. Please make sure your application is up to date.
  2. Kane

    We're done.

    Continues to amaze me that people think you can just launch a whole new server with bare /me commands and expect a happy outcome when there are established servers out there that are completely the opposite. Did you survey the community to come to this conclusion? Would love to know how you think we're disconnected. Also ... Selective reading to call the post a "lie"! Nonetheless, hope you're there for launch!
  3. The easiest quick lazy method: Press ⊞ Win+Shift+S to open the built in Windows screenshot tool (aka Snipping Tool). It'll copy the screenshot you take to your clipboard and you can paste it. This is usually the preferred method for quick screenshots to deliver to messaging apps like Discord, or even on this forum. The still easy but more advanced method: https://getsharex.com/ ShareX - The best free and open source screenshot tool for Windows! ShareX is my preferred tool when I want a screenshot to last forever. It also has a lot of different editing capabilities and bunch of other nice-to-have features. It also allows you to upload screenshots you take immediately to sites like Imgur. I'll show you how to do that here. It's preferred that you have an Imgur account with a private album you can later delete all your nefarious screenshots. The steps to take: After installing ShareX, right click it on your Taskbar and "Open main window". Go to "Destinations" > "Destination settings..." Choose your preferred Image uploaders (Imgur, for this example) and follow the steps to connect your account. It's that simple. Now every screenshot you take with ShareX will automatically upload to Imgur, all in their own album so you never lose your screenshots and can later come back to them without having to search for that link. ShareX also keeps a history of every screenshot you take. If you right click on ShareX in your Taskbar and go to "History...", you'll see a list there of all your screenshots and a URL associated with it if you uploaded it. To make sure it uploads, ensure you configure your "After capture tasks". Set it to "Upload image to host". And then go to your "After upload tasks" and turn on "Copy URL to clipboard" (and if you want, "Open URL"). My recommendation for your settings but it's ultimately up to you how you like it: "After capture tasks" "Open in image editor" only - I prefer it open in the image editor and I can crop the part I want to screenshot and if I have to edit it in anyway, such as highlighting, arrows, etc, whatever, I can do it there. In the editor you can also choose to just copy to clipboard if you don't want to upload this one or upload it too. "After upload tasks" "Copy URL to clipboard" "Open URL" "Hotkey settings" My Print Screen for ShareX is set to take a screenshot of my entire screen and I use the image editor to crop it. You can choose to have it set to capture a region so you can do it yourself if you'd like but this is what I recommend: Now delete Gyazo and Lightshot!
  4. merry xmas kane

  5. Kane


    Orrr! You should admit you can't wait until it comes out ! This "it's dead"|"it's never coming out" crowd is funny cause you guys are the first on the forum/discord to message!
  6. Kane


    No more like pointing out a bad actor when I see one. I don't think you intend on being apart of this community but are only here to stir the pot. I go back to my first post, you're being blind. We post our progress on Discord frequently, our current main method of communicating with the community. I gave you a response on the reason for delays but you continue to bring it up and ask for transparency. What is it we haven't been transparent about that needs covering? Please be specific so I can answer your questions and provide you with this transparency that you've been lusting for.
  7. Kane


    It's been explained several times. We set dates that we weren't able to make because we underestimated the work left and how long it would take, on top of real life responsibilities and delays. Now, I see all your posts are just hate, so there is no reasoning with you. But if you think this "project is going absolutely nowhere", you're too filled with hate & blind to the progress that is being posted weekly. I am curious though why you're still dedicating time to posting about a project which you believe is going nowhere. Side note, why Tor and all the VPNs? Anyways...
  8. Kane


    The sheer irony of you saying someone who can't move on...you're still here, posting about it how it'll be a failure. Move on then, bucko.
  9. Kane


    You should really look up what constructive criticism means man. You're as annoying as Stormbird so you'll follow in his foot steps! Stop derailing Apophis' topic, thank you!
  10. risen

    So there's this game called Valorant bro I really think that it's not a good game but other people do love this game. How do I convince them it's a bad game?

    1. Kane


      Its not a bad game man

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