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  1. Nature


    Damn. That's an old name, miss those FoCoTDM days bro. What's new in your world? You could've picked a better song king.
  2. Nature


    Hahaha. My boy. How's it going?
  3. Nature


    The man with the deep voice!! How's it going?
  4. Haha, long time no see toma. How you living bro? Still a few of us old RBF guys around if you look hard enough!
  5. Nature


    how you living king?
  6. https://streamable.com/es112t The Outfit and Murdablock was where it began for me. ViperZ was probably the most fun with @zapper and @Farrell LSPD has given me so many memories in the last 2 years, and there's many more to come. Sorry @DopeboyJ but this was really funny.
  7. Nature


    supporter indeed LOL
  8. man like jack

  9. certified grass toucher

    1. zalenac


      ong ong ong

  10. the two biggest legends to step foot on the court... period @zalenaccan confirm
  11. More than worth it lad. You could also wrap your car around a pole. Don’t avoid doing things in life that are fun just because it’s risqué! 🏍
  12. Nature


    Nice ink man! I’ll post mine up soon!
  13. grifo, valenti, swift, gigi, kyze, danxvii, ethanol, durnovo, insomnia, frankie, king, omaha, kushin, m3ga, clonez, greenie, tweak, dubz, word, clown, international, highwire, shaun gotti, trance, michael westbrook, obzen, drumj
  14. You have two community threads!!
  15. Nature


    man like masked, u behaving mr? Thanks that's really nice!! Likewise. Glad that you're back, and I hope you stick around!!
  16. We gonna see him back in blue?
  17. I think they just downloaded Freezin's ENB and slapped it in there.
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