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  1. Demetrius aka "Greedy" MacQoid is a Puerto Rican and Jamaican mixed nineteen year old male, due to his lack of parenthood, or role models he makes quite bad decisions, no one know if it’s intentional or just how he is. As a freshman in high school Demetrius dropped out of Crenshaw High, causing him to be thrown into the world at a young age. With no help Demetrius was sent on his journey to find himself. Demetrius started going around the Willowfield area as a young individual, despite the neighborhood being two block away from his house. Due to this it has caused some tension in his living quarters because of existing gangs that riddle his neighborhood. After gaining his respect around Willowfield, he eventually was able to provide for himself, moving out of his uncles neighborhood over in Ganton and getting himself a condo around the friends. His vial intentions he has around his friends, begins dragging him down a darker path.
  2. This thread will follow the character development of Nathan Hillsburgh.
  3. This thread will follow the daily character development of Hugo Andres
  4. This thread will follow the daily character development of Austin Yokoyama
  5. Travis Razon narrowly escaped war in his homeland, seeking refuge in Los Santos, a city of endless possibilities and lurking dangers.
  6. This thread will follow the character development of Nicholas Soracco. A mugshot taken of Nicholas Soracco during his time up north.
  7. This thread will follow the character development of Adam Harada.
  8. Montraie Ichijyo ランダムな運命 | "To the place where i belong" Background Story Aoi "Montraie" Ichijyo came into the world as a beacon of hope amidst the struggles of migration. Born to Ryu and Ina Ichijyo, immigrants from Japan seeking a better life in San Andreas. The life of the Ichijyo family in Japan was miserable. They owned a judo that teaches Kenjutsu. However, they are financially extorted by the Japanese Mafia or what they called the "Yakuza". Their family struggled to save enough money to start a new life, but with the help of their friends and family and their determination, they successfully gathered sufficient funds to travel to San Andreas. Montraie was 10 years of age when they migrated to San Andreas. He had slight memories of their life in Japan. He learned the basics of Kenjutsu, the basic Japanese language, and the way of life associated with the Yakuza's violence. Adjustment to the new environment in San Andreas was unchallenging because of Montraie's traits. He is eager to learn for his better self, he has a sense of curiosity in many aspects, and his maturity was nurtured throughout the years of his stay in San Andreas. He completed High School in medicine and learned the English Language, as it was stereotypically wanted by his parents. He pursued it and became his passion. This is a glimpse of the life of Aoi "Montraie" Ichijyo. A new beginning of his journey in San Andreas. Yet, he wanted to discover more and fill the emptiness that he felt because of their life in Japan. He wishes for something that the future may hold and his decisions will decide his fate.
  9. This thread will showcase the development of Edward Ishikawa within Little Tokyo
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