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  1. oooooooooo I'm blinded by the lights loool long time man, how you living? somewhat stay off my thread jimmy lane, u will get me in trouble 4L
  2. Yeahhh I'll let you know when I finish it.
  3. Nature


    orale my fkin boy.
  4. idk why but I'm just not enjoying it.. I'm on episode six now and I'm open to changing my mind, but I'm pretty bored.
  5. Nature


    LMAOOOOOO WARM IT UP KANE. Fuck I remember that.
  6. Nature


    hey I’ve commented can I have my money now
  7. I come from a land down under. Bffls yessir! Get lost Hi
  8. LOOOL. all u got is dream killers =( What up bro? hello Daniel. Miss you. Kush my boy wassup
  9. MY BOY yezzir Hey bro. Nice to see you. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE Gwarn my bredren
  10. V rods are going for 50k here rn… could put a deposit down on a house
  11. Nature


    Always good, hope you’re living well too.
  12. In NZ you can only ride up to a 700CC until you get a full bike license, I only started riding on the road but have owned plenty of dirt and trail bikes. The plan was to get the CBR then upgrade to a Harley, but I think I’ll keep the CBR & buy a V Rod too
  13. Clean!! I need to give it a wash then I’ll post some before the weekend. Big fan of your colour, I went with red.
  14. Mine too. Love it!! Post some pictures sometime :).
  15. Been a lot of fun so far, I just got finished doing the tail tidy as we speak. Did you do that to yours? Installed an Akrapovic exhaust last week too!
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