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  1. hi imperium, how is UK ball
  2. congratulations to everyone!
  3. don't worry, these cops got their on you.
  4. woop! woop! good stuff lads
  5. Hey! I'm Stormmate (was Puskins before over on SAMP) and I'm hyped to be roleplaying with all of you in the future. I've mainly always been a LEO type of roleplayer and under SA-MP had a few different characters: Milda Usciniene, Francis Lake, Julio Guerra, Kathleen Taylor, Wesley Miller. To be honest, I'm excited for this projects new adaptation to GTA V and I'm going to be very excited to roleplay as a Detective with all of y'all. That's mostly about me in this community, but outside of this community I'm a teacher (currently studying to be it, but already working as one , so if anyone ever needs any help with Biology or Chemistry, feel free to hmu. any how, have a good day everyone who read this, xx
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