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  1. tut


    You KNOW it. AYYYY Im looking good in that picture. Bulking finally paid off. Hello! Ayy glad to hear, hopefully can make a new version. But not as cool as Jack Vega that man was a legend.
  2. God damn, time to start downloading.
  3. toxic from what I've seen on discord.
  4. Probably GTA SA. The game I played for the longest and put the most time in.
  5. tut


    The best WEB dev of any server commented on my topic, made it. Thank you! I'm looking forward to making them for 5 Don't blame me cause you don't know how to stay in a car. *BTC and no. Yo Great now that you asked Looks A1. I agree Me when you finally post that PD reinstatement
  6. tut


    Without a doubt the worst member on the staff team, no competition.
  7. This man sat here and replied to this thread three different times and still managed to fuck up each time by not adding a question of his own. How to fix this?
  8. I'd say just wait and see for the to answer the compete question. Outside of that I think the other point you have is uniqueness, the server is still being worked on and there's more unique things being added. The transparency has been somewhat answered already.
  9. Alright I'll try to address this in points. 0. The "illegal roleplay shouldn't be prioritized" quote you brought up doesn't invalidate anything I said, as the main issue brought forth by yourself that we need to "learn" from is illegal roleplay being the "foundation". Which is solid feedback as we've been hearing it a lot. I was just more so pointing out that being the main points amongst all the text walls. 1. Never said it helped any other server. 2. Thank you. 3. No, I stated the "obvious" to more direct the conversation towards what you felt the "old lsrp" had as mistakes that we need to learn from. For example one of the things was transparency, which was responded to with weekly staff meetings. 4. True. 5. (3) I'll reiterate mainly because this is typing and you can't really hear how I'm saying this as it's in a none argumentative way, but I fully agree with your point. The point of making all aspects equal and not putting one over the other (I.E) putting illegal roleplay down while cratering towards legal . My point is that I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone in staff who doesn't agree with this and it's already an issue is being addressed, keeping all aspects equal. I'm just looking for more honest past mistakes from our community that could be addressed.
  10. samp had tons of English rp text ranging form light to heavy vying for the same player base. It wasn't just LSRP. Anyways, you're saying a lot of aphorism that read good, but if you take two steps it all sums up to focus; "on illegal rp." with a lot of wise quotes thrown in the midst to make it sound good. This is one of the focuses but there are many more rp wise. Overall the main focus of this server is lsrp and lsrp only.
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