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  1. Support me on Patreon Join the Discord Server GRAPHICS RealityV for RAGEMP - Singleplayer - FiveM : VisualV for RAGEMP - Singleplayer (83MB) - DL: Natural Vision Remastered for RAGEMP (71MB)- DL: GTA V Redux for RAGEMP (60MB)- DL: Make Visuals Great Again (MVGA) for RAGEMP (70MB)- DL: PRV - Project REVIVE for RAGEMP (75MB)- DL: GTA V Remake for RAGEMP (22MB) - DL: QuantV 2.1.4 for RAGEMP (4MB) - DL: USE ONLY ONE ENBs PRSA ENB (86MB) - DL: Natural Vision Remastered ENB (3MB) - DL: ENB is performance costly, use them only if your hardware is capable TEXTURES GTA V: Definitive Edition (V:DE) for RAGEMP - Singleplayer - FiveM : (HDMP) HD ONLINE MP_FEMALE and MP_MALE SKINS (63MB) - DL: HD Stuff (Gore - Dirt - LOD) (232MB) - DL: Vanilla Vehicles Emissives Fix (14MB) - DL: Vegetation Remastered (520MB) - DL: L.A. Roads 2.0 (2.42GB) - DL: Atlas Road Map with street names / Atlas Park Rangers Map (35MB) - DL: Remastered Old Gen Radar (4MB) - DL: SOUND Realistic Audio Overhaul (55MB) - DL: MISC. GTA V FoV - DL: Auto Hotkey chat assistant - DL: HOW TO USE THE MODS IN SINGLEPLAYER - GUIDE: RECOMMENDED MOD COMBINATION: HD ONLINE MP_FEMALE and MP_MALE SKINS + VisualV + Realistic Audio Overhaul + Vanilla Vehicles Emissives Fix + L.A. Vegetation + L.A. Roads + HD Stuff + Atlas Road Map with street names
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