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    March Release Update

    @KaneKaneThis time make this the last delay. I feel sorry for all the people on pateroen putting so much trust in you guys but you guys are just not delivering. I took my day off for the release date as I was really excited to play LSRP again but then I found out that the server was delayed again. It was really disappointing. I understand that you as developers might have full time jobs in real life and this might be a side hussle, but you can't be constantly lying to us. If you cannot meet a date which you have determined then please think twice before giving another release date. This is the 4th delay now.
  2. What about High Schools? Like 2013 Samp LSRP. It will attract a lot of people.
  3. Diamond 2 hard stuck, formally Master Tier. EUNE
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