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  1. GTA 5 literally opens up multiple doors for a more realistic and fun night life, on SAMP everyone was walking around in the same skin and up until a few years ago all of the interiors were standard ones, with the furniture update this already changed a lot to the night life RP of SAMP, let alone the options GTA V has to offer. Character customization , furniture system & the ability for cheap player owed radio stations to broadcast their own music & DJ. GTA V even offers the ability for a real cinema that can play actual movies in the game as I have seen on other communities, this would maybe open the doors for sports bars to actually play a football game / UFC you name it.
  2. hooo tssk wsuh Thats how we roll
  3. Perfection takes time a wise man once said.
  4. Enjoying life a bit less now with the corona shizzle but we survive how r u
  5. Probably blowing up rollin 20’s with molotovs with @Farrellcausing A code 0 in the old 2012 era.
  6. my israeli friend Hey man Wsup with the new name ahh?
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