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  1. hooo tssk wsuh Thats how we roll
  2. Perfection takes time a wise man once said.
  3. Enjoying life a bit less now with the corona shizzle but we survive how r u
  4. Probably blowing up rollin 20’s with molotovs with @Farrellcausing A code 0 in the old 2012 era.
  5. my israeli friend Hey man Wsup with the new name ahh?
  6. Mi brudda Long time bud yoyoo ehh
  7. Bellagio

    New World

    31 right now in Uteken, full focus build
  8. My first faction on LSRP, good times
  9. Looking forward to it, always been a fan of BF.
  10. Bellagio

    New World

    Played the entire closed beta, lovely game however it is a game that needs a lot of time invested in it
  11. Bellagio

    FIFA 22

    I quit doing that a few years ago but i know the feeling
  12. Bellagio

    NBA 2K22

    Bought it next gen, sold it after a day. i literally suck in it and im more the type a guy for fifa
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