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  1. The authenticity of this server has been realistic role-play for the past few years. I understand that what may have been perceived fun back then is poor role-play, but being able to engage in scenarios with the goal of maximum realistic portrayal is what has made this fun for me. Being able to get a small taste of an experience many of us will never get to do in real life. There are many other games and communities that offer a more relaxed type of role-play in the market right now, whereas I believe that sticking with the principles that we've had as a community when it comes to what we perceive realistic & fun after the period @Chuckles has pointed out, should be the case here. This is exactly what we have aimed for within Faction Team as well, for illegal factions. However, I am a firm believer that everyone should be held to the same base standard. We can't expect everyone to have "fun" and role-play like this is GTA Online and kneecap illegal role-players with restrictions because they'll hurt people's feelings out of character if they approach them, neither reward GTA Online-esque mass shootings with 30 people. I think these principles are what has made us stand out for years and will continue to do so.
  2. Any role-play that does not fall under the prohibited section of disgusting role-play can be performed as long as it is not done in a public setting & there's consent from all parties involved. If the consent part was removed, it was most likely an error. @Ben Prohibiting sound mods is not something that has been discussed, neither I believe is something that will be banned. My take on it would be that banning sound mods because some of them are louder won't be the way to go, as that's the case with most sound mods. However, if a player is caught using them to his own advantage (e.g. a cop streaming his game-play, where it shows him patrolling around in high speed and not interacting with anyone & going from gunshots to gunshots). However, as you said, it will be a very difficult thing to enforce and each case can be studied individually. As for environment mods, we have previously allowed this on SAMP. If they give a player a disadvantage, that's not a problem. However, mods where they could possibly alter objects in a way where it gives them vision through them to a player (e.g. Jamestown Projects being see-through or removed, so a player can chase down enemies on a hit easier) would be considered a prohibited modification. A rule of thumb when adding modifications would be to consider if you would have any unfair advantages when it comes to game mechanics.
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    it’s my way or the hye way
  4. Y'ALL GONNA LEARN TODAY happy birthday tyler torture them with success hope you can find the woman of your dreams in the military my friend not one step further hello
  6. Most of the jobs should be something that forces the player to interact with others, otherwise it creates a grind with zero role-play. However, there should be alternative 'script' jobs that allow people to get a foot in the server. Rather than wanting to buy a bigger and a faster boat, new players (who want to role-play a "civilian") should be wanting to find an in-character job (e.g. bartending, security) that will offer them a bigger amount of money. In my opinion, role-play jobs should be the most high paying ones. If you spent 3 hours of your life sitting behind a bar, serving drinks, you should be paid a generous amount of cash. Otherwise, this would force players to spend those three hours speedrunning a garbage truck or a taxi. @ROZE summed it all up for me as well.
  7. You seem to have a very false perception of our law enforcement factions. What was the last time you've been on LS-RP and you witnessed our faction breaching the 4th Amendment? I am very interested in hearing specifics. All our supervisors in LSPD have to go through an examination based on case law and policy that is considered "too much for a video game". Not even half of our faction members who take this exam pass it, excluding the amount of tries some people take to pass it. It's not that deep. You don't need to be an American to understand the law to a very detailed extent to function as a law enforcement officer in-character. As long as the penal code (which I'm sure it will be) is written by people with clear understanding of how the law works in the US there won’t be any issues. Also, I am hopeful that the SA Judiciary is clear which case law is applicable and which isn't. Warrants aren't a misunderstood concept in our factions, not sure where you are getting that from. The standard in regards to warrant approvals and throwing out cases is going to be handled by judges, who will hopefully be competent. If law enforcement factions do a bad job with cases in-character, then they should be thrown out by the system. We won't be approving our own warrants, that has been removed (a long time ago) given the upcoming changes in SA Judiciary and we are excited to see what comes out of it, for clarity.
  8. Comparing usage of VOIP between illegal factions and LEO factions is like comparing day and night, they are not the same for many reasons that have been pointed out. Our faction and LSSD have nerfed themselves continuously to strike balance between illegal factions. Usage of VOIP is the least of your concerns if our factions actually used LAPD/LASD’s equipment in situations (even without VOIP). Each side have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, you can shoot someone in the middle of the street and get away with it if there’s no players around, regardless if there would be CCTVs, witnesses and an instant 911 call. We do not care about winning situations, VOIP is used to maintain a realistic effectiveness in character. We have done everything possible as a faction to strike a good balance: removal of boxing, heavy restrictions of assault rifles being used (there’s a member cap and you have to apply to have access to a rifle), continuously hold our faction members to a higher standard than everyone else, disallow any ramming or unrealistic vehicle interceptions, restrict the use of the less lethal shotgun, heavily encouraging officers to let small time offenders off, disengage any vehicle pursuit that includes players having a high speed vehicle rather than allowing a wild goose chase in the city, regulate the utilisation of gang injunctions heavily as it kills role-play, disallow faction takedowns, and so on. VOIP was used for everything a few years ago, now it is used during active shooting situations or vehicle pursuits (updating). Our faction supervisors are quick with telling faction members to stop talking, regardless if those people would take it personal or not, as we take this very serious. I have went into detail about moderation a few posts back. It is very easy to spot abuse, if you are aiming at someone and suddenly back up appears without anything being said in character, report it and it will be taken care of. There are logs on TeamSpeak that allow us to see who made a voice backup request globally. Just ensure the report is instant upon conclusion of the situation if there’s no admin response, rather than waiting for the next day. We do not require video evidence for everything, if you send a report we instantly jump on it and investigate it. I assume logs will be easier to access now, so game admins will be contacted if a faction member claims they used the in-game radio when in fact they used TeamSpeak. If a faction member’s story doesn’t add up and they aren’t able to explain themselves properly, we do not hesitate to issue punishments. That being said, I will kindly ask you all to move on from the VOIP discussion. An answer has been given and there is a clear difference of opinion between all parties. You are more than welcome to suggest a removal of VOIP for LEO factions to Server Management. We are interested in hearing any new ideas or suggestions that may benefit the faction and the role-play quality of the server.
  9. This is our current stance on players without a microphone, which is unfortunately not going to change: As for the usage of VOIP, it has been answered multiple times. We have nerfed ourselves as a faction and continuously look what we can do to maintain that balance. Our goal is providing quality police role-play, while maintaining an effective in-character police department. VOIP is heavily moderated by experienced senior faction members and we do not condone it being overused. We are going to be continuing to moderate it heavily and using it, alongside the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. Both factions have been moderating this for years since 2018, and we continue to do so. I suggest you send a suggestion to Server Management regarding the usage of VOIP in LEO factions, if you really want to see it gone. For returning players who have yet to experience our changes and had bad interactions with our faction, I can only hope that our faction’s role-play standards and changes can make up for the past! We've re-introduced Robbery and Homicide Division. We are also looking into opening forensic positions for players, it depends on the script and how detailed it will be though. @bobster and @lynx should be able to get into more detail about this with you. I suggest that you conduct your own research in regards to the inner workings of American law enforcement agencies. Numerous bodycam videos can show you exactly what you are describing as unrealistic behavior, that being officers calling out the situation and their location immediately upon returning fire, or during the gunfight. Their objective during emergency situations is to call the situation out and get their colleagues to come help them, rather than 'eliminating the threat' solo like Rambo, or 'running away' from an emergency incident with the risk of getting shot in the back. LAPD's Youtube channel may help you out with understanding how these agencies work.
  10. The tazer hasn't worked from huge distances for years now as it was reworked. Our faction has been consistently using the tackle script instead, as that's more fun. We are hopeful that it will make a return on V.
  11. Out of character restrictions are put into place in order to ensure the quality of the faction. For example, a sub par role-player may be removed from the academy process on an out-of-character basis, regardless of his in-character progress. That's how role-play servers work, OOC restrictions exist to maintain quality. Using key-binds for role-play is against the rules, we also do not wish to do that. In regards to placing faction members under special restrictions, we do not wish to go down that route, as I've answered that already above. We are exploring the possibilities of forensics, dispatchers and so on, where people without a microphone can apply for I am interested in seeing concrete examples of our faction power-gaming and meta-gaming being shown in this thread, and ourselves dismissing it. As I've said in the previous page: "22 members were reported to leadership in 2020 and 23 in 2019. 85 percent (give or take) ended up being internally punished or kicked out of the faction." I am disappointed that you formed an opinion on the faction based off two videos, while being absent from the server for years. In regards to your first video, VOIP was used up until to the point where the pursuit / shooting incident stopped, which is fine. However! Shooting and speaking on the radio at the same time is not allowed, especially in this instance. This incident wasn't reported, therefore it was not dealt with. Same for the second video, they moved the incident to 'SIMPLEX' (in-game radio) when the shooting incident was over with. The goal is to take situations back to the in-game radio as fast as possible. Regardless, I do hope that our faction members will be able to provide you with quality police role-play in-game when the server launches. It is indeed unfortunate that you haven't been around to experience the changes in our faction. However, you seem to be forgetting that other versions of this faction were actively using cheetahs, bullets and M4s for every single situation. We spent years reforming the faction into a realistic department that focuses on role-play, rather than winning. There's been numerous times where we encouraged and demanded our faction members to mutually void a situation and not bother arguing on /b, and instead try and find role-play elsewhere with someone else. I'd love to see you point out exactly where this happened in the thread. Corruption has been the main suggestion, which is allowed already and is currently being reworked by myself into a tier based system. There's nothing that we can do as a faction to force people to role-play properly. This sounds like something that belongs in the Faction Team Public section for further discussion. This is out of our hands, the only thing we can do is ensure our detectives and officers are role-playing properly.
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