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  1. ??????????????????????????????????????? do you really think that website archives every faction page/screenshot?
  2. No, they just converted to RCRP core but previously used IRP or something. I like it but it'd quit it for LSRP SAMP tbhhhhhh
  3. I quit Rage for SAMP. I would play LSPR on SAMP too.
  4. yall should release the samp script and the forums too idk whats so difficult about opening the forum archive lol like
  5. other ppl and myself just miss lsrp, including samp.
  6. never said it was alive lol the king owner hasn't been on the forums since September but wields a cell phone daily
  7. All due respect Kane should just come back and launch SAMP again.
  8. Seriously. I think a lot of people would play again. People would rebuttal this with "but no, GTA RP is great on RAGE and FiveM" but in reality it's super clunky and pokey + RAGEMP Heavy Text RP is dying (somehow, but not surprising considering the only server is good script wise even tho they add a lot of clutter script, but are missing a lot of things in the illegal RP scene) but anyways yeah. GTA 5 Heavy text RP is dying and I think with SAMP we didn't know what we had until it was gone. And REDM which was taking a little bit of ppl away from RAGE, the only heavy text RP server there had some crazy management situation and shot itself in the foot. Anyways, I don't think REDM people will go back to GTAW nor anyone considering their community is split completely in half. I also don't believe them shutting down the LC server would fix it, either. I like both servers and like the competition but after years of BS on GTA 5, I would give SAMP a full return.
  9. yea and that new red dead text rp server doesn't help this, it's very niche but there is still a demand for good illegal RP and perhaps a "new" server
  10. Bring SAMP back OR just drop that shit as is bro lol. RGEMP Heavy English Text RP is literally dying super super quick. good time 2 do something.
  11. prob not bro, which sucks. but yea can't get the forums back either. would be a good time considering English heavy text RP is literally in rapid decline on RAGEMP.
  12. Ehhhhhhhhh, Surreal's LSRP was mid-tier LSRP, the decline of it all. Dude was like Krisk 2.0 besides he wasn't a pedo he was just a dude that had a friendship group (you included in said group, love u tho) that ran LSRP down to the ground the remaining days. I get Surreal was there, but he wasn't any better. Probably wasn't entirely his fault, not saying the dude didn't care but what could he have done ya kno? SAMP wasn't going to last forever. At least the damn server ran. LSRP never really had a fully devoted, active, passionate leader or dev team who wasn't inactive. Never will. Kane could be, only time can tell. Give this shit to Kane and use some of that Patreon $$ to finish up these scripts. Or is it too late? Can we see a ledger of what that money has been spent on? Apophis, I agree with you about Mmartin and the transparency, the majority of your list but one thing lol!! • LS:RP was Chete's MS13, revolutionizing the concept of factions, introducing hundreds of us to gang role play (including myself); Wasn't a good thing, this man was inviting anyone to his shit-tier faction for shits n giggles. Him and Conspiracy are hopefully long long gone or never allowed in FM again. Anywhoooooooooo. I miss old LSRP, I am glued to the nostalgia of peak SAMP days and just being a kid on a game I love. I was hoping LSRP here would bring back that experience. I miss the creative aspect of LS:RP RP, heavy RP with tons of creativity. It was fun. GTA:W isn't bad but it's too idk - I don't want to come home from my job and feel like I'm IRL again lol. If you get what I mean. I miss old LSRP. Bring back the old forums. Also, remember when we used to all be noobs during the OG trucking script days in like 2011-12 - RPing a Crip during server peak and when everyone logged off u trucked the night out lmao. Noob days!
  13. Not happening bro, this dude is long gone. Sorry, I really wanted it too!
  14. I agree, but that same drama and weirdness is found here too on LSRP. Look at the release date drama, like you said.
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