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  1. I wouldn't say it's necessary dying off, it just hasn't been discovered by most people, yet. It probably will never be because it's niche. I agree with you on how voice RP is bigger overall, but there are character slot limitations on those servers gatekept by a monthly $20 subscription, which is crazy. The RP is also mediocre. I believe it has to do with the pace of RP, you can hit a button and speak what you wanna say instead of type, which makes text RP seem more slow paced and semi sluggish. Which is true! If heavy text RP could be advertised to enough people, even some people on voice servers, it'd gather more people. Reminder, GTA:W hits 1000 people sometimes. Remember on SAMP when we thought 400-550 was a lot? Anyways, yea I'd love an update.
  2. You're a yes-man, bro. Not trying to flame or insult you but it's the truth. Like Florida said in a previous post, it is strange how "the only notable part of this thread is people still tirelessly defending blatantly strange management maneuvers for the sake of keeping their OOC/free labor $0/hr staff title on an unreleased server. " What do we, the community who donated to patreon want to hear - is why is this taking so long to do? What's the estimated time, what's currently being worked on, then what needs to finally be done at this moment? Not stuff from a spreadsheet months ago. Transparency would be great, dude. " we don't talk about the servers progress because this is best coming from the development team as they'll have the latest up to date information." When? Three more months? It's sad that your beloved management grills people on Discord when they ask for even the slightest bit of information. I want it to work out too buddy, but cmon bro 90 percent of us are in our 20s and keep getting pushed around by broken promises and lack of transparency. We're all adults, address the problem like one. Quit leading people on. Embarrassing.
  3. i dont understand why everything has to be a big secret like there is a NDA signed or something?? this isn't a FBI network it's a damn video game i dont understand why someone cant say something. is the "big secret" that nothing at all has been done?
  4. I agree, but that same drama and weirdness is found here too on LSRP. Look at the release date drama, like you said.
  5. Only reason I suggested this is because bluntly put, GTA:W is already doing exactly this. The competition point is what, here on LSRP V? A semi different script? Maybe, better illegal RP. Nothing guaranteed. So, why would anyone expect people to flock over here from there, when here - is almost the exact same thing. My point is, GTA:W has flaws - like the RP in general is pretty weird and not fun, where people like me who played LSRP for years know what I mean, and know what I'm trying to say when I say GTA:W is trying too hard to be like real life. Look, I'm all for realism, but there has to be a balnance. If LSRP V goes for that super hyper realism thing, then this server will be exactly like GTA:W.
  6. Sure there is a reason to bring up the past, when they did the same exact thing on two different servers now, lol. What? Transparency has not improved dude, and it doesn't seem like in the future it's going to change, that much is evident. Considering it's been weeks since a minor update with the overall situation, shows lack of transparency. Along with people pulling donations, so no - that's not a good thing, lol. "If people think Mmartin dipped cause people have donated to the Patreon, then you're not really smart. As if he opened the server he'd end up making more money through donations and the donation system etc." It's assumption, but remember that was the same guy who was pocketing money to gamble on CS:GO, that was very transparent on LSRP. Look, I don't hate the dude - I want to play on LSRP and see is strive and be around for as long as possible, but what's being done is unethical, business or not. Do I think he's running/using the $ from Patreon on etc things? No. I really don't. But is it fair to the people who are still actively donating to not get some sort of update? No.
  7. and what's worse is the staff members who defend their actions and lack of transparency acting like it's really just no big deal at all. what do you gain from doing that? it takes 5-10 minutes to write out a message, explain what's been going on, what you've been working on, maybe project a release date, you know...transparency. still hasn't changed since 2016...sad.
  8. Yeah, Mow left longer ago than that. Remember, it was proven that Mmartin was posting from Mow's account lol, but anyways... Yes, lack of transparency is pretty annoying, again like I said esp. when you invest your hard earned money into a project. I do want to see this done, I do want to play this, but c'mon. We're all grown, like grown grown nowadays. Enough horsing around, be an adult if you guys don't claim LSRP as a business. It is a business, it's classified as something at least. People dropped money into this and Mmartin turned into Mow.
  9. They started in like 2018-19, what the fuck took so long for them to get the basics going tho? Half the basic script shit isn't done yet. They just made shit look great on the wiki and robbed everyone, saying nothing afterwards.
  10. Prob won't be a May monthly update, today - right?
  11. Because they're not doing much of anything lol, bro you do know this server has been in dev since like early 2019 or late 2018 or somewhere in that time frame right? They barley got the script RP essentials down, they just slopped together some stuff to throw up on a wiki. No offense, the shit's mad impressive, but damn I'm tired of being lied to and gave the runaround. People paid a lot of their hard earned money for this shit.
  12. As critical as I've become over GTA 5 LSRP, I really wanted to see it happen too. That competition would have been great for both servers, I was excited to maybe see some peak illegal RP on GTA V, and a new refreshing script. But it seems like everyone, including myself forgot why LSRP on SAMP died. No, it wasn't because of the game being old, outdated etc. Did the game being old maybe help cause it to die as well? Yes, but not primarily. We seem to have all forgotten on SAMP this same shit happened for weeks at a time, months at a time (think Damian leaving for extended periods, Mmartin too) with zero transparency besides "it's coming!" "soon!" "almost done!" - then it was too late. Remember the LSRP SAMP anniversary which introduced like 10 different major script overhauls, one being the new MDC with the updated GUI? Remember how it wasn't finished, and never became finished? Yeah. I do. Look, you guys get $700 a month on Patreon. I don't know how much it costs to host the forums, test server ETC. But damn, throw people $50-$100 to whip out some of these other scripts you need done and just get it over with. Summer is literally here, people wanna play this shit (I think?) and the hype is dying so fast. LCRP's hype is gone, they keep bringing up IG Beer and shit...lol, GTA:W is just flat out boring, but people will tolerate it because they RP as a hobby IRL. Which, whatever - I personally wanted to see GTA:W/LCRP and LSRP work/co-exist. I like all three servers and played LSRP SAMP since I was a kid. I miss the community and nostalgia. Seems like it'll be a monopoly tho. Get it together, it's nearly too late.
  13. This is exactly what killed SAMP LSRP too. Transparency. Pull/chargeback your Patreon before you get exit scammed, jsing.
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