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  1. Ehhhhhhhhh, Surreal's LSRP was mid-tier LSRP, the decline of it all. Dude was like Krisk 2.0 besides he wasn't a pedo he was just a dude that had a friendship group (you included in said group, love u tho) that ran LSRP down to the ground the remaining days. I get Surreal was there, but he wasn't any better. Probably wasn't entirely his fault, not saying the dude didn't care but what could he have done ya kno? SAMP wasn't going to last forever. At least the damn server ran. LSRP never really had a fully devoted, active, passionate leader or dev team who wasn't inactive. Never will. Kane could be, only time can tell. Give this shit to Kane and use some of that Patreon $$ to finish up these scripts. Or is it too late? Can we see a ledger of what that money has been spent on? Apophis, I agree with you about Mmartin and the transparency, the majority of your list but one thing lol!! • LS:RP was Chete's MS13, revolutionizing the concept of factions, introducing hundreds of us to gang role play (including myself); Wasn't a good thing, this man was inviting anyone to his shit-tier faction for shits n giggles. Him and Conspiracy are hopefully long long gone or never allowed in FM again. Anywhoooooooooo. I miss old LSRP, I am glued to the nostalgia of peak SAMP days and just being a kid on a game I love. I was hoping LSRP here would bring back that experience. I miss the creative aspect of LS:RP RP, heavy RP with tons of creativity. It was fun. GTA:W isn't bad but it's too idk - I don't want to come home from my job and feel like I'm IRL again lol. If you get what I mean. I miss old LSRP. Bring back the old forums. Also, remember when we used to all be noobs during the OG trucking script days in like 2011-12 - RPing a Crip during server peak and when everyone logged off u trucked the night out lmao. Noob days!
  2. Not happening bro, this dude is long gone. Sorry, I really wanted it too!
  3. I agree, but that same drama and weirdness is found here too on LSRP. Look at the release date drama, like you said.
  4. Only reason I suggested this is because bluntly put, GTA:W is already doing exactly this. The competition point is what, here on LSRP V? A semi different script? Maybe, better illegal RP. Nothing guaranteed. So, why would anyone expect people to flock over here from there, when here - is almost the exact same thing. My point is, GTA:W has flaws - like the RP in general is pretty weird and not fun, where people like me who played LSRP for years know what I mean, and know what I'm trying to say when I say GTA:W is trying too hard to be like real life. Look, I'm all for realism, but there has to be a balnance. If LSRP V goes for that super hyper realism thing, then this server will be exactly like GTA:W.
  5. kind of not fair to tell people to be patient when they got lied to, not once - but twice. people invested a lot of money into this concept, with zero transparency. it's been a few weeks now. LSRP had the same exact problem, no transparency. it died because of that. laziness here, and there. now what? shits supposably been in dev since 2019 (?)
  6. i can agree with that. 2 bad we dont kno when this'll be here.
  7. not a dick eater for LSRP but LSRP has that as a rule too lol. i get it, gta:w is boring but lsrp isn't a scapegoat, LSRP V will not have that fun nostalgic feeling of samp, it's going to feel just like GTA:W with a different script
  8. Right. Wasn't this server also being secretly worked on in like 2019? I don't understand
  9. prob will lol. hate to say it cus i wanna see it work, but really what could they actually offer other than the different script, to be better than the competition? not siding with world but lol at least they wouldn't pull something like this. how do people expect the illegal RP here to be great again if we can't even get the server up. this is not motivating.
  10. crazy cus i really wanna see this shit work out, because GTA:W is buns esp the illegal side but like idk man. prob wont play after summer it seems, crazy.
  11. Nightlife RP is fine just don't make it the entire server's point/peak idea, like the competition did. Seems like all that server is, is night club RP.
  12. I can agree on needing more clarity. I think I speak for a lot of people LSRP on SAMP was not enjoyable around 2018-end. The novelty started to die down in 2018 and plummeted until it's nail in the coffin. Luckily, that existing management doesn't exist and LSRP has a clean slate. It's refreshing to hope there will be more transparency and better management. As much as I poke around at making jokes ab LSRP, I do actually like the direction I've seen Martin boy and co take it. I am excited, but I do not want this server on a rules and RP level to feel anything like what already exists. I want to know I am playing LSRP, the server we all loved and grew up on. "This isn't realistic. This is someone's interpretation of 'fun' and this is what would plague the server if we didn't enforce a 'realistic' atmosphere. People have different definitions of fun because it's supposed to be something that you enjoy doing. These people obviously enjoy doing this, which is why it's so ruinous. They don't roleplay for 'realism' they roleplay for a release and if you enforce this 'standard' then this is the type of players you will attract by default. So on one hand, you're saying "That server is full of people RPing who they wish they could be" (which falls under the definition of 'fun' but on the other, you're saying "Everyone knows how to RP by now, lets have fun" (which also falls under the definition of 'fun') and what that is, is a double standard." And yes, I know that aspect of that said server is not realistic. But it's not fun, either.
  13. Okay, quickly put no need to make a paragraph, where does LSRP and the community stand on discretion and realism/rules. My example is; remember how LSRP on SAMP was so much fun, even if you did try to be super realistic? There was a balance. Now, compared to other text-heavy RP servers on RAGEMP, LSRP has some leverage. Even though it is going to be new, we need to realize something long term. There are similarities to us and the competitor, the pivotal point of LSRP will be a few things. Nostalgia, illegal RP (if executed right here, God I pray so), fun/realism, flexibility. My worry for LSRP, since there already is a similar server that is like here - we obviously need to learn from other people's mistakes and be unique. How can we do that? Easy: Bring back the fun to LSRP. The competition is infamous for a few things. Too much ERP, very sub-par illegal RP, too super realistic to the point to where it's not fun, favoritism over legal factions to illegal. It should be equal, and finally poor discretion from admins whom only RP'd one "side" of RP. We need to use nostalgia to make illegal RP different here and good, it needs to be fun on top of that. I'm not sure exactly what we could do different here all too well, yet. But a big concern elsewhere is the drugs/gun economy being poor. Also, with RP in general a quote that really sparked my eye of how fun LSRP was back then: " I miss the old LSRP back in '15-'16 when you could go to the mall one evening and hang out with other mallrats, some idiot comes up with a bat and starts a massive brawl, police and paramedics come etc. It was chaos but it was fun. Realistic? Not at all. But who cares when the alternative is driving around an empty map for 5 hours to then spend the next 3 in the same /anim in a bar, talking pointless and realistic nonesense with a stranger you'll never meet again? " We really do not want the second part of that quote to be a problem here. I'm not saying go ahead and let everyone break rules and be too lax. But, here's the thing: all of us here been RPing since the dawn of GTA RP and it's just burnt trying to be this super elite RPer who is trying to rewrite a Michael Simon script for HBO. The problem with the competition? That server is full of people RPing who they wish they could be, appearance, confidence, etc - but the problem isn't that simple, these people all RP the same Kim K. bs super model EPR second life club goer, and the server lacks so much on the illegal side, it's just flat out boring as hell. Same ol night club, same ol car meet, same ol "British" police. Yawn. It gets old after years and years, esp if you have been RPing forever and just want to have some fun. Not everyone wants to do this super life simulation 1:1 ultra realistic supreme shit anymore. We did that years ago, sorry for who missed out. Everyone knows how to RP by now, lets have fun. Most of us are in our 20s+, you think we wanna do that supreme elite shit anymore? ------------------ Let's make LSRP V something special like SAMP was.
  14. Only thing I'll say about nightlife RP, is hopefully here on LSRP, nightlife RP isn't the only thing the server does, if you know what I mean.
  15. LS-RP could be great if: It felt like old LSRP, it's golden era. Illegal RP was ran better, more fun than other servers. It wasn't a 1:1 replica of real life, which makes it boring, like other servers. LS-RP was great on SAMP because yes, it was realistic, but it wasn't trying to be real life, 100 percent. An example would be if you go to school IRL, you don't want to play LSRP V and make chump change working at a gas station. Also here, lets hope that this community isn't based entirely off E-RP nor people complaining about how boring the illegal RP is. Remember how great illegal RP was on LSRP? Lets strive for that.
  16. seriously. and lets not restrict buying those better guns from only euros or mafias lol, street gangs can get/sell guns just as easy as anyone else. not every gun comes off a "boat" lol
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