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  1. You can, yeah. 5 players in a match last I remember. I've got it but haven't played it in a while, it's fun though.
  2. Indeed they are. And even if Tactical Medics are a thing on LSRP V, they won't be replacing the role of a Paramedic at all. If anything, they'd provide life saving medical attention to those in need (in the absence of a Paramedic or assisting a Paramedic) and stabilise the patient until either transported or until a Paramedic arrives. Nobody's wanting to take any roleplay away from FD, if anything, we'd end up working with them more and in better detail than we would in the absence of Tactical Medics.
  3. This is something I can definitely see happening more. Mindset in general has changed a lot over the past few years. There's also so much more to do in GTA V than there was in GTA SA and I'm hoping to see this, along with regular business openings incorporated into things so roleplaying offduty would become the norm.
  4. It only usually goes on sale for the bigger Russian holidays, honestly not sure when the next one will be. It's a lot of fun and a lot of pain at the same time. Learning curve is massive like the others have mentioned so it's not really one for the faint hearted.
  5. end of 2011, surprised I'm still here but looking forward to LSRP V
  6. anybody else got the armband?
  7. Glad to see things are getting traction quickly, looking forward to the opening!
  8. Just get it through the Xbox Game Pass if you're looking to try it.
  9. Yeah, I'm 1329 hours deep and I still love it. Modding opens up so much within the game. I'd only really like to see ArmA 4 for an upgrade in graphics, animations and performance as mods for ArmA 3 have provided so much more than that. MilSim's a lot of fun too if you haven't got into it yet, it's all about finding the right unit and how realistic/strict you want it to be though.
  10. Trailer above still didn't show much but I'll definitely be getting it. Can't complain about paying £20 per game for some nostalgia. I'm just hoping that them pushing it to a different engine and making changes to the core game hasn't made it stupidly buggy.
  11. System looks really good and seems to work well too. I'd like to see IRL brands for clothing as it widens the amount and variants of clothing available. There seems to be a lot more IRL brand clothing mods out there in comparison to lore.
  12. Got it preloaded, word from content creators who already have access seems mixed so far. We'll see though.
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