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IC Social Media: faceinvader is Online




Hey everyone,


I'm happy to announce that we've relaunched faceinvader.net, our LS-RP:V (RageMP Universe) In Character social media website. Currently it's available to access through your browser, but as of 2.0 which is coming later this week, you'll be able to access it in-game as well. Please have a look at the faceinvader rules before making an account. @badhbh has been appointed as the Head of our IGSM Team and will be responsible for running the moderation team on the sites.


The site offers variety of features besides making friends and posts. It allows you to post events, sell items on a market place, post and search for job offerings and much more. Explore it yourself and have fun.


We're in the process of setting up an equivalent IC social media site for our returning SA-MP server as well. For news about that and more SA-MP related topics, please tune in to our Community Meeting held on Discord this Sunday, 9 PM Server-Time (CEST).


As with any new service, please allow us some time to finetune the site and work out the bits and pieces.


Preview of how faceinvader looks like in-game (2.0)




Example of a job offer on faceinvader




Kind regards,


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