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Major Game Update 2.0 + SA-MP Timeline






I've got some exciting news for you today — from all angles! We're releasing the Major Update 2.0 for our RageMP server and have some news on the timeline and remaining work for relaunching our SA-MP server.


RageMP Major Update 2.0


The 2.0 update has been in the works for quite a while and as the stars aligned, it includes several sought after features once again. It includes bangers such as Burglary System, Blackjack, In-Game Social Media, Character Export to Menyoo, and other features and fixes. The full changelog is as follows:


[Major Update 2.0]
- Adds Blackjack
- Adds Burglary features
- Adds /addcontact [phone number] [contact name] as a shortcut to add contacts
- Adds /delcontact [contact name] as a shortcut to delete contacts
- Adds /faceinvader (aliased /fi) to access Faceinvader while in-game
- Adds the ability to export appearances into Menyoo XML format via the UCP
- Adds placing items (such as weapons) inside of properties
- Adds a non emergency hotline (991)
- Adds ability to toggle furniture item collisions
- Fixes certain appearance features' opacity not loading correctly
- Changed the DMV practical test to automatically set /limiter
- Changed the DMV knowledge test to increase the timer from 5 minutes to 10 minutes
- Changed the DMV knowledge test to remove the long fade transitions
- Changed the UCP character application process to only be necessary for your first character



It is now possible to play blackjack on any furniture item of the 'ch_prop_casino_blackjack_01a' model. You don't need to be in a casino to play it, all you need is a property which you can furnish, or access to one. You can manage the settings of the table with /bjtable. The table settings also support a "Practice mode", which lets you play without deducting your money at all, making the game available to you even if you're strapped for IG cash. Make sure to enable the table and put some money in the till so you're able to play.


Screenshot 2024-04-09 232146.png


The game supports up to 4 players + an NPC dealer. Hitting, standing, splitting, doubling and surrendering are all supported. If you're unsure how to play, or want to check the table's rules / settings, you can view the rules via the "Info" option when approaching a seat, or by clicking the rule book icon in the Blackjack UI. 


Quick note, we haven't added crowbars and lockpicks to the stores yet to give players a chance to upgrade their home security systems. 


You can read more about this feature in its documentation here: 



Burglary System

An important part of roleplaying is finally getting the attention it needs. Gone are the days when you forgot if you locked your property's door or you feared that anybody could just break into your apartment and steal your hard-earned drugs & cash. With the new Burglary & Property Security system, we're offering opportunities for legal and illegal roleplayers alike.


You can read more about this feature here: 



SA-MP Relaunch Milestones

With our 2.0 release out of the way, our major point of focus for the upcoming weeks will be preparing the SA-MP server for launch. We added a SA-MP section to our roadmap which you can find here: SA-MP Roadmap · LS-RP Roadmap (github.com).


We're currently targeting three milestones:

- Staff release: Open the server for the staff team to begin testing its integration to our current systems. We estimate this milestone to be completed in less than one week from now.

- Pre-release: Open the server for our valued donators who've the premium membership activated. During this phase we'll give our infrastructure a rigorous test and finish work which is necessary for the release. We estimate this milestone to be completed in 1-2 weeks from now.

- Release: Open the server for everyone. We estimate this milestone to be completed in 2-3 weeks from now.


We offer the aforementioned estimates in good faith and are working hard to meet them, or even deliver earlier. If anything changes or we encounter any hiccups along the way, we'll be sure to inform you ahead of time and explain what's happening.


In the last two weeks, we've done a lot of work behind the scenes ranging from preparing our infrastructure, migrating processes and consulting our teams on how to make the relaunch go as well as it can. Some core takeaways are:


Key focus for all teams will be in-game activity and providing support for business openings and factions, so everyone has the tools they need to roleplay. If you own a business on SA-MP and are planning to open, contact Commerce & Estates. Business auctions will take place after the first two weeks, assessing business activity. Community engagement will be focusing on promotion of both the SA-MP and RageMP server (graphics, videos, ads). Events team will be focusing on an initial launch event, and aiming for one event per week. Our eventual goal is to host two events every week, one for the RageMP server, one for the SA-MP server. 


Official Factions

Factions which were official from one year prior to closure of the SA-MP server will be able to apply for an official faction status.



Illegal faction schemes will work slightly differently, more info to be released in a few days. We are assessing the current situation of stockpiled weapons and such.


In other news, we've closed both tester applications and staff reinstatements. Both are now being reviewed and we thank everyone who's applied, the results will be revealed by the end of the month. We want to make sure that come release, we're equipped to handle supporting both servers.


This and much more was premiered today on Discord during our Community Meeting. Join our Discord community to stay at the forefront of breaking news and updates from your friendly neighborhood roleplay server.












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Will I be able to play SAMP using my old characters or will ive to make a new one?

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2 minutes ago, BigH said:

Will I be able to play SAMP using my old characters or will ive to make a new one?

yes you will

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2 hours ago, BigH said:

Will I be able to play SAMP using my old characters or will ive to make a new one?

Your old ones!

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3 hours ago, ROZE said:

Blackjack released. I'll no longer be logging out of the server

Haha. I won't be stepping foot in the casino again.

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1 hour ago, Nature said:

Haha. I won't be stepping foot in the casino again.

I just lost all my money too, I'm PISSED

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