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  1. You talented homie, I'd like to see you do some shit like this on V homie.
  2. Updated street-signs, added "All-Way" signs on each corner, and also made the street-signs slightly bigger to better the QOL aspect.
  3. New! (Cuban Necklace w/ Cross Pendant, for MP Male and Female) Made from scratch using a few programs.
  4. my bad gang holdon lemme slide u a key
  5. Thanks for all the love foreal, I got more in store for you all.
  6. Preciate that homie foreal, it’s just a WIP I still got a lot to work on.
  7. This will be a showcasing section for me, showing off mods I've done in the past and present for GTAV. W/S Hoover Street Environment (Not finished) This includes graffiti from 59, 74, 83 Hoover Criminals and Barrio 18th Street, I've based our graffiti off of the real life Hoover street which is shared between the listed gangs to take the more realistic route. Also I've implemented lore friendly street signs with the correct directional blocks.
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