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Game Update 1.9.4






Today we bring you yet another game update which includes two new features: nails and pointing. It also addresses a few inconsistencies and bugs, the whole changelog is below.


[Game Update 1.9.4]
- Added /nails
- Added pointing system (B)
- Added /vest to toggle body armor / vest
- Removed default stance after shooting a weapon or fistfighting
- Removed collision detection for cinematic camera




In other exciting news, so far it looks like we're on track to release 2.0 next week. This update will include Blackjack, Burglary system, and some other heavy hitters like IG Social media. For the SA-MP crowd, we've also been hard at work getting everything set up for the release of the SA-MP server. Work has begun on process, reinstating staff members to provide support to players on the server, and some of the initial necessary UCP changes. 



If you're interested in what's going on, make sure to join our Discord server at discord.gg/ls-rp, where we'll be hosting another community meeting soon to keep you update on our progress with both SA-MP and RageMP.


Kind regards,


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The main thing is not to be lazy! Patience and hard work will change everything.

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