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October Staff Update




Hello gamers! Welcome to the October 2023 Staff Update.


First and foremost I want to go over major changes to our leadership structure. If you've been paying attention over the past week or two, we've made quite a few changes. Ben, who's been the Head of Community (later renamed to Head of Operations) has stepped down due to lack of available time. He remains with us as a game admin to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor over the past years. I want to give him a big shoutout and a thank you for all the work he's put in over the years. He remained in the team and helped us rebuild LS-RP after the mass leadership exodus during the attacks on our SA-MP server. It's safe to say there'd be no LS-RP without him today!


With the now vacant spot in Management, we made the unorthodox decision to promote someone from below lead to Ben's previous position. We chose @Dos Santos for the position as he's undoubtedly a great fit and has the energy, time and skills to lead the server. 


That out of the way, congratulations to our newly promoted staff members ...



Dos Santos (Head of Operations)


Lead Admin

kendrick (asst. Head of Operations)

Nature (Head of Testers)


Junior Admin



Trainee Admin




And welcome to our new Junior Testers for the first time ...


ChandanW - Dat_block - Endri

Fantasia - HydraPlayer - Kenado - Stinkywinky - _CYBER_

badhbh.x - danut - xtcGOAT




on behalf of LS-RP Leadership

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1 minute ago, ChandanW said:

congratulations all 🙂 even though my name was spelt wrong 😞

Sorry, fixed!

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