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Dos Santos




Hi everyone,


We know it may have seemed a little quiet the last week or so, but rest assured, there are many big development updates on the way.


With a 7-strong team of developers (with more incoming), we're now able to focus on a range of features all at once. As they're all fairly sizeable and potentially complex features however, they're taking some time to complete. Even so, we'd like to give you an idea of what you can expect to see in the coming weeks. 


Major Features

  • Pawnshop and Burglary - Matical is working on this and there have been many discussions on how we can create an economy for stolen goods, whilst still entertaining a fair element of risk. Naturally, this is also going to give our law enforcement agencies something else to keep an eye out for.
  • Marijuana Growing - Giampy is working on this, and we know it's been a requested feature for some time. Aside from overhauling drugs and their effects, we want to ensure that different elements of the 'supply chain' for narcotics isn't just limited or managed by the Darknet feature. 
  • Vehicle Modding - java has been working on this, and has already made considerable progress. Soon you'll be able to change the attributes of vehicles, both physically and in terms of performance. Keep an eye on the snippets channel on Discord for the latest.
  • Graffiti - Imperium is working on this, allowing gangs to tag up neighbourhoods and bring a bit of creativity to the server. 
  • Blackjack (and more updates to gambling) - Mmartin is working on this. As you may have seen in the past week, we already have the server's first casino opening, and we'll be building on the gambling scripts to allow for further roleplay in this area.


Other Updates


  • Drug Effects - as mentioned above, drugs will start to have an effect on gameplay, which should affect the supply and demand cycle for narcotics.
  • Hand pointing - as mentioned, and the sneak peaks that you have seen we are going to be having hand pointing on the server very soon!
  • Phone animations - various actions on phones will soon come with animations associated with them.
  • Vehicle towing - Players are constantly reporting that their vehicle is missing, so we're adapting and adding a simple vehicle towing solution.


Another big update we'll be bringing in to the UCP will be the ability to vote on which upcoming features you'd like to see implemented as a priority. We're committed to both ensuring transparency and giving you, the players, the chance to influence what we do next.


As with all of our development work, the actual implementation date is dependent on dev availability and testing - we'd rather avoid releasing features unless we're pretty confident that all bugs have been squished. We will however do our best to let you know where things are up to regularly.


On that note, you can also expect to see further updates from myself and the various sub-teams on what activities they'll be doing each month. A survey organised by the communications team is also on its way, along with a community meeting as soon as availability permits.


Thanks for reading.



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3 minutes ago, Kenado said:

Developers PM me your PayPals so I can pay for your coffee as a sign of respect. $5

Time to make Ko-Fi.com for LS-RP developers 😁

Other than that, I love this update! Bright times ahead.

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Thanks for the update, the new drug system and the addition of pawn shops is going to be a major benefit for the illegal role players.

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1 hour ago, Caledonite said:

Time to make Ko-Fi.com for LS-RP developers 😁

Other than that, I love this update! Bright times ahead.

Was about to suggest this haha


Glad to see the casino, there was one open before that'd open down by the beach a few times.

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