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  1. I don't think this as needed at the start, we do not need another faction to overcomplicate things. LSSD is currently handling custody operations and I believe they are in need of people to help with that. I'd encourage you to reach out to them and offer your ideas/assistance there.
  2. Regardless of the arguments above of this whether this exists in California or not, which doesn’t matter because we aren’t California, I don’t see a need for this to exist within the current state of the server. This isn’t really a faction that is going to be needed at launch. One crucial thing before suggesting the creation of a new faction, especially a LEO one, is to be able to point out exactly why it’s needed (there are no reasons currently). PD/SD will be plenty enough for launch.
  3. I’ll forward this to our team who works on the Penal Code and laws. Thank you for the suggestion. Personally, I believe gambling should be legal for few establishments that are licensed and proven to have quality roleplay, and anything outside of that considered illegal.
  4. Our first informational post has been made, the Introduction to the Criminal Justice system. Feel free to check it out and send any questions/concerns to myself.
  5. I don’t think that it’s too easy or too hard. Players are able to read the rules and answer the questions and I think that’s what the goal of the quiz should be.
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    https://wiki.ls-rp.com/shelves/rules Make sure you're taking time to read through each question thoroughly so you understand what it's asking you and you're answering correctly. You may think you know the answers, but you may be mistaken. Consult the rules.
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