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  1. Sowieso. I played it nonstop at launch. Quit & decided to wait for ranked. First ranked season started right?
  2. Gambling should be made illegal. No more casino's and no poker table furniture for players to place at their house (no donators either). Instead leave gambling as a racket to illegal factions. LS-RP's gambling scene was an abomination. Players ran (if they were not bunnyhopping) to a dealer in a casino, paid them, then said 'hit' or 'stick' and usually bunnyhopped their way out again. Many of us thought things would improve with the release of the poker system. We thought wrong. Most of the poker games either had little to no roleplay at all. Soon players started exploiting the poker script. It was a way for players to sell their LS-RP money for real life funds without getting flagged. Then came a time poker could only be played at casino's, thinking it would improve roleplay and those looking to abuse the poker script to sell their virtual money for real life funds could no longer do it in private. However roleplay did not improve. LS-RP has one of the best illegal faction scenes (that is a fact). Making gambling illegal could be a huge win for the illegal roleplay scene. In addition to the drugs/weapons scheme, illegal factions should be able to qualify for gambling as a scheme. With a simple script, access to poker tables (and perhaps scripted blackjack and/or baccarat in a future update) is given to faction leaders who now have the ability to place the furniture in their businesses. Factions can be held accountable for players who abuse/exploit the system (as long as a faction is aware of what is going on of course). In addition factions can be held accountable for the quality of roleplay at their poker games. Most poker players on LS-RP are mallrats (with all due respect). Making gambling illegal forces them to interact with illegal roleplayers. Perhaps they can learn a thing or two about actual roleplay. Backroom poker games? LSPD/SD raiding those games? Stick ups? Amazing. Pros of making gambling illegal: creates additional roleplay opportunities for the illegal scene; improves the quality of roleplay which involves gambling; factions are now 'product owners' and can be held accountable for players abusing/exploiting. Cons of making gambling illegal: could potentially result in a loss of a small playerbase who only play LS-RP for /poker (good riddance I say); legal characters such as LEO risk more than illegal characters (e.g. getting suspended for getting caught at illegal poker games).
  3. This. The server needs scripts and jobs that reward civ rp.
  4. More ways for detectives to target OC. Things like surveillance vans, wiretaps, smartphone surveillance.
  5. Unoriginal_Gangster, used to look up to this guy when I was a teenager
  6. New scripts & ways for us to involve those in our daily roleplay. More bikes than just a Wayfarer or a Freeway to choose from for MCs.
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