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  1. And its lighter too for the client and the server.
  2. For the update thing, I think that either rage or alt:V would be the same. For me, the main reason for choosing alt:V would be a more stable platform and which take less server and client power. The sync is almost perfect with alt:V too. And the fact that there is no wrapper onto the native, you can use whatever natives you want directly. I don't think that the popularity of the platform matters. LSRP is already a popular name and a popular server. I'm sure you can ask people to switch to alt:v. We had the same problem with SAMP. SAMP was not the best alternative, MTA was clearly better, but every big server was on SAMP.
  3. Hi, I am happy to see that LS-RP will now be playable on GTA V! However, I was wondering why you choose Rage MP as a platform instead of alt:V? As far as I know, alt:V is significantely better than the others, and especially ragemp regarding the sync and stability, and also the scripting possibility? Here is a comparaison of the different platforms (Rage vs alt:V vs FiveM): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g1LpSoPFQcXmUHUA__3KArFRH55TL49iSs2cT52jBi4/edit#gid=0 I know that you are not going to switch the script to work with alt:V now, but this is just something that I was wondering. Keep up the good work anyway!
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