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  1. Never said you're full of shit because you disagree with the idea, everyone is to present their own opinion and that's what the topic was made for. You're full of shit if you think almost all the robberies are basically shit roleplay. Also never said that the roleplay experience for the victim is amazing, obviously nobody wants to get robbed lol. You're just bashing the whole idea of robberies at this point which has nothing to do with the topic. Roleplaying a robbery is a part of someones roleplay, nobody is forcing you to go rob people if you find it boring. Once again, people can disagree with the idea, but please don't bash the whole roleplay around robbing because of the few of yours shitty experiences, that's what you're wrong about.
  2. I agree, but for example: The party that's being robbed can accept for the robbing party to take their items only when the robbing party has fully roleplayed the frisk. Realistically nobody is gonna take their time during a robbery, and whoever is robbing is already at a disadvantage because we are gonna text based server.
  3. It could be scripted in a way for the both parties to agree and to be roleplayed how it's supposed to. At the end of the day it is just a SUGGESTION. And if you think the 99.98% of the robberies are trash and the robbers are the ones that are stalling then you probably never robbed anyone and you're just full of shit. And the victims who want to get the scenario done as quickly as possible, I assure you that's gonna happen. And the other part where people actually want to stall will do it, doesn't matter how fast they type depending if English is their first language (addressing the reply above). There's a clear difference between stalling and not stalling. Once again I think it could be scripted well enough so the abuse would be minimal. And please before replying to this use your brain.
  4. Things being taken away from you without your permission. That's literally how robbing someone works. There should be a command to accept the robbery but the part where the most stalling happens is when the other party needs to hand over the items.
  5. Perhaps there would be a command to request the robbery and the other party to accept it? And then you can take their items manually throughout the roleplay.
  6. I'm sure there would be a way to make it non (less) abusable. And at the end of the day you can forum report any rule breaking.
  7. Might wanna re-read what I said above.
  8. Like the title says, it would be nice if there was a robbing script added where you can take items from another player yourself. It is a common thing that in almost every robbery scenario back in the day people would stall on purpose so I think this would be a good idea to prevent that from happening.
  9. yall gonna kill the hype at least release the server so ppl can play and then in the meantime finish the remaining stuff round the script
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