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Minor Update 1.4.1




Hello again from another update post!

First off, some colours have changed! To better help you distinguish who is responsible for what, we have changed some of our staff rank colours. This will help players, and staff, figure out who to approach for their problem.


For example, management has been changed to orange (the colour of the R in the LSRP logo) to separate them from Lead Admins and Senior Lead Admins as the former generally does not perform basic administratrion like the latter does. Senior Admins are in a darker green to denote their seniority, and Trainee Admins are separated from the Tester colour to make them stand out more whilst still making it clear they're not full admins.


Here's our changelog: 

- Added new vehicles to pdm.com 
- Added new vehicles to spawn in the showrooms of both car and motorcycle dealerships
- Added over 2000 different variations of clothing available in stores 
- Added the ability to be in multiple player-owned companies via the Premium Central panel on the UCP
- Added the ability for Company Team members to set a business to a custom amount of furniture items
- Added auto low effect on /dice and /rnumber for gamblers
- Added the ability to /selectroadblock to select a roadblock with the mouse
- Added /l back as an alias for /low
- Added more furniture item previews
- Added better anticheat detection for cheated weapons (they no longer do damage)



Connection Issues

These connection issues have been a pain for all of us but I'm happy to say that we have been testing a fix and believe we have a solution that should work. I can't go into specifics, but we have once again configured our network (as we have been doing every day...) and I am sure that we're going to see better days from this update onwards. Massive thanks to @Duco for taking the time to develop this! 


You may see 'loading server resources' for longer than usual but this is expected - it will only take long once and after that should load instantly like it normally does.

  • CJ 1
  • Ryder 2
  • Clap 2
  • Strong 2
  • Love 4


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Nice update..... I guess. Now let me ask... Were the clothes tested before adding them to main server? Or some of them broke along the way and some got too big that they are clearly meant for big booba mod bodies?



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