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Minor Update 1.3.6 — Weapon changes and the gun economy




Heyo kiddo, it's too early for me to be writing this (seriously who gets up before 9 am on a Sunday) but here I am!


Jumping straight into the script update, here's the changelog:

- Added the ability to re-bind the Y to unfreeze button in /settings
- Added a way for legal factions to toggle roadblock messages in /settings or via /togroadblock
- Added /rb as a macro for /roadblock
- Added better checks for /enter and /exit in a vehicle, so you should keep the passengers you used the command with
- Added /setstation keeping the same volume when changing stations in cars
- Added a 50% increase in rewards to both trucking and garbage collection jobs (this will be offset by a 33% cut in Cypress Logistics)
- Added vehicle registration history to the MDC
- Added a way for admins to set a vehicle's wheel colour
- Added faction-specific loadouts to /loadout
- Added a way to /lock furniture doors without being a property manager if you are in the same faction that owns the property
- Fixed /towcars for companies again again again
- Fixed /respawnme teleporting your vehicle into your spawn point with you
- Fixed seeing heal messages if another player was in the same area but different dimension
- Fixed not being able to create faction ranks with brackets in the name
- Changed prison commands to be in the same radio message format as other radio messages


Weapon Economy

The weapon economy has been hotly talked about recently, with legal factions arguing there are too many PF guns being used as crimes, civilian roleplayers arguing that PF guns are too expensive, illegal factions arguing that there is too much trigger happiness over the smallest beef - we have recently implemented a solution that we hope will help in solving these issues.


The Faction Team Council has now implemented an OOC cap on buying weapons - it was decided before that there would be no cap to help factions get established, however now we feel we are in a place where factions in the scheme are established as black market gun dealers and we can safely begin limiting the amount of guns that flow from the darknet into factions' hands. This is handled the same way as we did on SA-MP, through OOC points. For those not in the know, certain guns (like an AK-47) cost 3 points, whereas a pistol costs 1 point (these numbers may not be accurate). A faction with 15 points has a choice, buy 5 AK-47s in a month, or 15 pistols. You get the idea - larger weapons will become rarer as a faction tries to balance what guns are brought in versus what guns end up in the hands of a dead mobster.


Alongside this change, the gun store weapons will also be reduced in price back to the levels they were at, meaning legal guns will be around the $500 to $800 range for a pistol again. In addition to this price change, we are implementing OOC bans. You, as a gang member, are welcome to buy a gun at a gun store (as long as you don't have a criminal record). If you use that cheap legal gun against police and they end up killing you, the license will be revoked after your death and a PF license ban will be issued on your account, meaning you cannot legally buy guns on any character until it is appealed. The point of this system is: don't get caught killing police with legal guns. You can now see whether a gun is legally bought by right clicking it in your inventory. It will show a serial number.


Server Connection Issues

For the last week or so, we have been getting reports of connection issues from some people. It seemed at first that these people shared something in common, i.e. the first report to me was that a group of Bulgarian players were not able to connect with their normal ISP, but could via mobile data. The issue seemed to spread to people from other regions and there didn't seem to be anything in particular that connected everybody. We asked for logs and the flow of when you first connect to when you lose connection, and a lot of people helped us out with that. We logged the issue with our server host and they have been looking into it for the past week or so. For those of you that don't know, networking is a pain in the ass and I'm glad I never have to deal with it.


Rambling aside, as of last night it seems that these connection issues have been largely resolved. When I went to sleep last night, people were able to connect that were not able to connect before, and so it is my belief that we have made progress on this issue. As always, please continue to report to us if you are experiencing connection issues, but most, if not all, that had connection issues before should be able to connect now.


Here is a message that Mmartin dropped into #updates last night:


For the people who still can't connect, we've narrowed down the issue and I've forwarded my findings to our host. I also want to clarify, the host was fast to look into the problems we're facing, but I had to travel for work the last 3 days so the communication has been slow due to delays in replies on my end. There's 24/7 support even during weekends so we're contiuning to work on diagnosing the issue
Possible temporary workarounds: Connect using a mobile hotspot, or you can try a VPN if that fixes it until it's resolved.


This was a well-documented phenomenon known in the tech industry as a "networking meme".


Future Direction

To put it succintly, please keep sending us your feedback. I know sometimes it gets a little drowned out when we get hundreds of players giving their suggestions, airing their frustrations and asking for changes to be made on the server. Sometimes we may not even respond, but rest assured that we do see it and add it to the list. We had some Development Team applications come in last month and the past 3 weeks have just been too busy for some of us to actually get together and sort through them. We have a couple of people in mind and will be reaching out shortly, and with that, I hope we can start seeing some more development going on.


In the changelog above you may have spotted a 50% increase for all rewards to waste management (garbage) and trucking missions. Cypress Logistics and Los Santos Sanitation will not see these increases - their rewards will remain roughly the same. Anybody who wants to stick around in these script jobs will not be at a loss, so don't worry about that. If you make $500 a day now, you will make $500 a day still. These reward buffs are aimed at player-owned companies, who will be able to take a cut of the payment and still offer a rate that's higher than the server-owned jobs. This is something we will continue to monitor and look at against other areas that have been historically under-used (like mowing, our #1 prime feature that we bet all our dreams against).


Prison roleplay has taken off with the introduction of the SADCR faction, and if you didn't know, what character model you are using (male or female) determines where you end up! Males have a male-only cell block, and females have a female-only cell block. You can of course mingle in the yard, but we hope that separating each sex into discrete cell blocks will help keep the immersion up for some of our prison roleplayers. In addition to these two, we have a third cell block for isolation, for those that don't fit into either adult male or adult female cell block, or have been bad enough to end up in a concrete box. If you are interested in bringing more life to the prison, I encourage you to take a look at Prison Schemes.



Kendrick as always will be taking your feedback about Legal Factions and anything related. Mitcholodolo and DDaniels are your guys for the Illegal Faction side. Please feel free to approach myself about anything that these guys can't help with.

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Good thing you can just simply remove the serial from the weapon and cops won’t know where you got the gun from! Great stuff.

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- Added vehicle registration history to the MDC


With this have the license plates for private plates been fixed? That private vanity can't be identified/found on the system. Meaning they can't get fined? Or is this another thing that was update? Might be me being dumb 😄 

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